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The Time For Change Is Now! The BOCC’s Leadership Has Failed The County Citizenry Too Many Times.

This is a board vote.

So overwhelming public support for Holly Jennings will need to be demonstrated to persuade the 4 Commissioners to comply with the Citizen’s Will.

Being the Freedom of Speech Loving Patriots that We are.

We offer any of the Commissioners the opportunity to address the public – their Constituents.

Email statements to

Our ask of Our Fellow Citizens, of any party or affiliation, is to come stand in support of Holly Jennings for County Commissioner Chair.

With the explicit understanding that the BOCC has failed their Constituents, and New Leadership is: What the Citizenry wants.


From now til New Years Day ask your friends and family to come fill the Courthouse and streets around it on January 2nd no latter than 9am.

County Citizens New Year Resolution

  • Better government.

  • Government Of, By, & For The People.

  • Government that represents it’s constituents.

This New Year Sheridan County Citizens will remind Ourselves, Wyoming, and the Country that the authority of the government resides in its People.

Have A Truly Wondrous & Happy New Year Sheridan County, Wyoming!

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