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The Empire Strikes Back

Critics of the Legislative Rankings Sites, always the blue-dot republicans, like to dismiss the rankings as “unimportant” and just “noise.” After all, the blue-dots claim they are “voting the wishes of their constituents” not the Wyoming Republican Party. Which leaves us wondering, why aren’t they Democrats?

What was shaping up to be a slow news week was derailed by a small photon bomb on Thursday. Jabba the Hutt slammed down Senator Dave Kinskey (R-Sheridan) for insufficient groveling.

Senator Kinskey, a member of the Management Council, had the audacity to miss a meeting. This upset the chief establishment crony, Boss Driskill, and he retaliated by removing Senator Kinskey as Chair of the Joint Appropriations Committee. Pretty childish behavior for the Boss, but certainly not out of character.

We are certain that virtually everyone on the planet has missed a meeting at one point or another in their lives. So what is the real reason that Boss Driskill offed Dave? Let’s have some fun speculating, shall we?

Theory One: Senator Kinskey isn’t sufficiently Democrat to fit into Boss Driskill’s clique. I know a number of us think that Dave’s conservative credentials are a little shaky, but he is rated as a Conservative member of the Senate at number 15 out of 31 by Evidence Based Wyoming.

This theory has a lot of credence considering that Jabba the Hutt replaced Kinskey with Tara Nethercott, who is the very definition of a blue-dot republican. Let’s put a flaming Lefty in charge of the money. Hey, it’s working so well with the Biden regime, we’ll copy that in Wyoming!

Theory Two: Senator Kinskey is a threat to the Empire. One thing that Dave is really good at is business and finance. We know there is a group in Sheridan who didn’t like him as mayor, but Dave did fix Sheridan financially and laid the groundwork for sound management going forward. If you were the chief establishment crony, would you really want this guy looking at your windfall of taxpayer revenue? Do you think Boss Driskill and his cronies can continue to profit at the state’s expense if Dave Kinskey is watching the till?

Theory Three: Senator Kinskey didn’t grovel sufficiently. This is the message in the media and from Jabba the Hutt himself. Dave didn’t acquiesce sufficiently to Boss Driskill. Dave didn’t rush right out to lick Ogden’s size seven snakeskin Lucheses when the Boss was in Sheridan. Dave didn’t drop everything in his personal life to wait on Boss Driskill. Donna had the NERVE to get sick when Boss Driskill needed Dave. Okay, maybe Jabba the Hut is that petty, but given his appointment of leftist Tara Nethercott, we still think it was so that he could continue his crony profiteering ways and not be challenged in any manner.

So what’s a poor, discredited State Senator to do? Well, Dave, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you may have sided with the wrong team during the leadership selection process. They don’t care about you or Wyoming, only their power and pocketbooks. And don’t think they’ll let any Senate rules or even State Statutes get in the way of removing you from the committee chair position. They don’t care about rules and law, only their power. If you don’t believe that, then let’s have a talk about Zwonitzer and redistricting, Auntie Fa Provenza’s promotion of violence, and Cyrus Western’s campaign violations.

Dave, and we say this with all sincerity, now is your time to unleash your inner Han Solo. Align with the small army of Jedi legislators who are ethical and completely pro-Wyoming, and take down Jabba the Hut and the Sith army. We’ve got your back.

May the Force be with you.

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Neznámý člen
03. 5. 2023

Now according to the Senate Rules, Chairman Driskill is out of order. He does not have the 'authority' to replace a committee chair. So, who is our Senate Sargent of Arms? Ah, perhaps this explains the Leftist appointments to the Ethic Committee. And you cannot 'suspend' rules without a 2/3s majority.

2-8 Changes in Committee Membership. No change shall be made in any committee except by vote of a majority of the members of the Senate. The President of the Senate may appoint a member to fill any vacancy occurring on any Senate Standing Committee -4- during the interim providing the appointment is made with the advice of the respective majority or minority leader, dependent upon the party in …

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Neznámý člen
03. 5. 2023

It's rather hard to ignore that Sen. Driskill tends toward the moderate, rather than the conservative, according to the scorecard. With all of the hullabaloo about the radical republicans polarizing the legislature, this kind of thing makes me think it isn't the conservatives that are the problem. If you don't agree with the "moderates", they will give you the axe. Not very moderate. Might as well go with the leaders who are more inclined to support the citizenry than the government.

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