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Revisionist History, or It’s Election Season!

Ah yes, election-year spring is in the air, and with that comes tall tales, storytelling, and a distinct odor of cow manure. If you are one of those extremely fortunate people who live in House District 51, you undoubtedly received a postcard mailer last week extolling the virtues of your Representative, Cyrus Western. That mailer was the perfect example of Cyrus: he was applauded for doing absolutely nothing for you. What a guy!

You see, HB170 that the mailer used as an example of Cyrus’ "fighting for you against big government,” was never introduced. The co-sponsors of that bill are two of the most Liberal “Republicans” in the House. This is nothing but an election year ploy to make you think these ersatz republicans are the conservatives they claim. They never intended the bill to be introduced, but will use it as a prop for their conservative bona fides. Why does Cyrus keep the company of the “Democrats” in the house and not the conservatives? Would it be that he is more aligned with his Harvard education than Big Horn High School?

Cyrus claims he is a conservative, yet he voted time and again with the Democrats to spend your taxpayer dollars. Cyrus will claim to have fought to reduce your property taxes, yet he voted against all of the actions that truly would have reduced your taxes, opting instead for a Band-Aid that will give you a (very) little relief for two years. You can’t be a Big Spender™ unless you have a lot of excess taxpayer money, you know. By the way Cyrus, thanks for the largest budget in the history of Wyoming government! We'll keep you in mind when that Property Tax bill is due in May.

And then there is Cowboy State Daily columnist Rod Miller. Rod likes to think he is a barnacle on a barstool in Bairoil; a crusty, curmudgeonly, cowboy commentator on all things truly Wyoming. Rod needs to get out more. He amusingly compared the Establishment, Big Government, Wealthy, Wyoming Caucus “Republicans” with Nate Champion and the small ranchers, cowboys and settlers of the Johnson County Cattle War. That’s about as rich as claiming Oprah, Obama, DeNiro, and Bill Gates are “middle class” Americans. As Bill Novotny would know, Rod is going the wrong-way down the Interstate.

To set the record straight, the “Wyoming Caucus” is the wealthy, big government, establishment, crony group hell-bent on keeping you, the little people, in your place and themselves in control of your government.

They are also exceptional whiners.

They whine about the “Freedom Caucus” all the time. Did you know that nasty Freedom Caucus, with a whopping 26 representatives (on a good day), out votes the 31 members of the Wyoming Caucus, keeping them from enacting all those Good Things™ for you? If you didn’t know that, stay tuned as, like Vegan Crossfitters, the Wyoming Caucus will let you know that they are the true conservatives and the way to a long, happy life. It is Election Season after all. By the way, Cyrus Western is a financial supporter and member of the elitist Wyoming Caucus. But that shouldn’t surprise you.

Lastly, we are highly amused by the number of DEMOCRATS who are big fans of the REPUBLICANS on the Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners. What a great time to be a Republican when the Democrats defend you breaking the law! Except for Trump of course; he’s still a bad orange man. Apparently, breaking the law is a Good Thing™ in today’s world, especially for Democrats. If you think we are making things up, there is a Fourth District Court ruling that states the BOCC did not fulfill their duties under state statute. That ruling stands, in spite of the latest court case. So all of you who are crowing about how mean and petty the Sheridan County Republican Party is, remember, you are promoting and encouraging law breaking by the very people you entrust your money.

And, while we’re on the case, the motion to file suit against the BOCC did not come from the party leadership as is claimed but rather the grassroots. The direction came from the 106 Elected County Precinct People, not the party leadership. Funding for the lawsuit came from concerned citizens who were sick of our lawmakers not being transparent or following statute. Of course the BOCC spent YOUR money defending their violation of statute.

Have you asked yourself why the BOCC refused to return the statutory duties to our County Clerk? Even with their so-called “agreement,” they haven’t returned all of the Clerk’s duties nor will they claim the agreement is permanent as it is intended to revert when Eda is gone. And what about their revenge lawsuit against Bryan Miller? How much is the county/SAWS paying Tony Wendtland to fulfill his dream of taking Bryan Miller down? Is this how you want your tax dollars spent? Do you even care?

So it’s Election Season. Dust off your BS meter, remove your blinders, and pay attention. You will be bombarded with slick, shiny mailers and campaign ads promising you everlasting health and life. Don’t fall for it! Talk to the candidates. Who cares about you and seems sincere? Who keeps their word? Who rides for the brand? Don’t just vote for someone because they claim to be a “life-long Republican” or are a multi-generational Wyomingite. Remember, Liz Cheney was a 4th generation Wyomingite.

And Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. Are you fed up yet?

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Unknown member
Mar 19

Thank you all for keeping the citizenry informed. I appreciate!

It appears that BOCC is NOT the only one we need to rid ourselves of. What happened to justice, rule of law and just good moral ethics.

Only we the people who vote can change all the above violations against all that we believe and stand for.

This election needs to be an act of war, a proclamation of freedom against ALL who are taking our freedoms away! We start here …

Know the candidates … VOTE!!

Unknown member
Mar 19
Replying to

Your absolutely spot on 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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