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Remember. You Asked To Serve

The New World Order: Objective One & Only – Control the Population(s).

All One needs to consider is the daily news. Quality of life is diminishing for most. If centralized government improved the governing process as advertised “thing would be changing for the better”.

They are not.

Here in Sheridan County, Wyoming, the United States, and around the World degradation of society for the masses is underway.

We are fast approaching the day where a child, woman, or man could be dying of thirst while surrounded by drinkable water, yet restricted by government from drinking.

The new world order is about denying natural and human produced resource to the masses in favor of preserving them for the “nobility – those that do the governing”.

We all, sadly, take it for granted. Yet Why? It does not have to be this way.

Elections Matter, but how the election is conducted is Foundational to an “acceptable” conclusion.

The outcome doesn’t have to be liked, yet it needs to be respected for being true.

That said. Why wouldn't it be liked and accepted, if it, actually, represented the majority of registered voters?

For a Citizenry to achieve majority support from the current registered voters in a precinct, what alone a County or State, is virtually unprecedented.

So being able to determine, if the majority of registered voters support something, on demand would be a "game changer". Sheridan County, We - the Governed, are capable of doing this should We choose to do so.

If Citizens start informing their Representatives with majority support for policy and spending then social and economic stability will be regained.

Elections lead to Electeds which We may want to Trust, but Still must Verify. That is an absolute necessity.

Not Trust “because …” which is a Big Red Flag. Whereas Trust because “I said so” is an actual declaration of war. The reasoning being, if any serious person makes that statement and the response is “No”. Then what? Can it be anything but confrontational?

So let’s not go there.

We need to start electing Representative for the Governed, and reject the Tyrants. Their time passed long ago.

Our watch can’t be the one that fails it’s duty to protect all against humanity’s darker tendencies.

The People need to remember how to speak Loud & Clear, so there is no doubt about their intended Will.

In order for individuals living in communities to address the small stuff for themselves, the big stuff need to be addressed by the majority of registered voters.

In the past that was Election Day every 2 years.

Today Our Elected Representatives require more input from their constituent approximately once every 2 week. More specifically between public meeting the citizenry need to be engaged with their Electeds to clarify facts and reasoning, to show support for specific outcomes, and to remind our Elected Representatives that they ask to serve us, not to rule us.

In the coming weeks expect many more posts on local oddities with respect to how the current government is governing.

Yet oddities are just that odd. We as a Citizenry must decide, if the oddities are concerning and how significant those concerns are?

Finally, if significant enough, We will have to address them.

Here is a short audio clip link to inspire the heart’s of patriots to speak out against the tyrants.

Bonus: if you listen to the end. There is a good, Uinta County, example of the oddities (disconnect) mentioned earlier. The three links are specific timestamps within the exchange.

Never let Us Forget.

US Constitution Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


The definition of shall seems to really elude many an Elected! Remember that fiasco this summer with the appointment of a County Commissioner. The meaning of shall was at the heart of that disappointing display of governance.

And Not One of the Four Commissioners involved have apologized to their constituents for the wrong doing.

The Degradation of Society, right here, in Our Own County - on Display for All.

And Crickets.

Shameful for all accountable.

Remember. You asked to serve with the explicit understanding that the Governed are constituents not subjects.

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