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Leaving Behind the Leftists

One thing that is certain about Leftists is that they really get their undies in a bunch when exposed. It bothers them even more when they don't know who is exposing them. They just "gots to know!" Why do they want to know? Well, when you can't make an argument based upon Truth or Facts, the only option is to resort to ad hominem attacks. Ignore reality and smear the messenger.

Our dear demented leader, President Robert L. Peters, aka Brandon, is really good at this. Everything that is wrong in the USA is because of those "MAGA Republicans." Ignore the incompetence and bureaucratic evil wrought by his administration that is destroying our country and blame those MAGA Republicans. Rich men north of Richmond indeed.

Wyoming is not immune to this behavior. Just look at how the Left blames everything on the "Wyoming Freedom Caucus." Your property taxes have skyrocketed solely because a minority of legislators who believe in low taxes "derailed" all of the Left's "good intentions" at lowering taxes for the people. Yeah, right. The Lefties still won't tell us how 26 legislators are more powerful than 37 legislators, but they'll readily attack anyone who challenges their narrative. The Left truly does suck at math.

With this in mind, let's look at one of the Wyoming Left's favorite targets, WyoRINO. The Left is just beside themselves that this rating website is anonymous. They can't stand the fact that there is no one that they can blame, smear, and belittle for rating their behavior. In a pathetic attempt to reveal ownership, the Lefties who run the Natrona County Not-Republican Party held a "coming out party" (or perhaps they prefer it to be called a "gender reveal party") for WyoRINO. They even put icing on the invitation by claiming it would be a "debate." As if the truth is debatable.

Just to demonstrate how "fair and unbiased" they were, Natrona County Grand Old Democrats even invited one of their own as bloviator, er, moderator, Mister "Wyoming Republican" himself, Rod Miller.

Friend of Gail, Leo Wolfson, reported on the event in the Cowboy State Daily:

As much as the Left idolizes sexual deviancy, they really hate being naked. WyoRINO didn't bother to attend their circus, but that didn't stop them from complaining about their lack of clothing. They seem to think that WyoRINO, and all other rating sites, are biased and intended only to besmirch their stellar reputation as Wyoming "conservatives who care about the voters." The Natrona County Not-Republican Party even assembled a "panel of experts" to debate this issue. Here is the panel of experts: Sen. Bill Landen, R-Casper, Sen. Eric Barlow, R-Gillette, Sen. Jim Anderson, R-Casper, Rep. Ember Oakley, R-Riverton, Rep. Barry Crago, R-Buffalo and Rep. Jerry Obermueller, R-Casper.

If you have learned anything about "experts" in the past three years, it is that they are nothing but political shills, often on the take. Exhibit A: Dr. Fauci. Do you think elected representatives who would lower themselves to be part of this gender reveal party are any different?

Let's take Senator Eric Barlow. Here's what this "expert" has to say about WyoRINO and similar ratings sites: "Barlow said he’s not familiar with the political ranking sites popping up in recent years and doesn’t have the energy to learn about them." You can't say the Natrona County Not-Republicans don't support Diversity Equity and Inclusion as they found someone for their panel of experts who actually knows nothing about the subject. Could an appointment to the Biden Administration be in the works for Eric Barlow? Perhaps a tenured professorship at the University of Wyoming?

Representative Barry Crago decided to take the high road in his commentary on the ratings sites. “They’re not a part of how I rate or grade listening to my community,” he said. Of course he wants you to understand that he's not to blame: “I think we’re going to a place where we’re going to have bad policy in the state of Wyoming,” Crago said. Bad policy. Like amending a property tax relief bill with $850 million of additional spending. Even though Barry added that poison nuclear bomb amendment, he wants you to know it was the Wyoming Freedom Caucus that killed the bill. Who knew that Johnson County needed $850 million? Perhaps this was Barry's solution to repairing the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Apparently Barry's constituents are really happy with high property taxes and huge government spending.

Never one accused of being the smartest "expert" in the room, Representative Ember Oakley took a swipe at Representative Jeanette Ward for introducing an "unserious" bill that would prohibit businesses and organizations from requiring the Covid jab as a condition of employment. “The irony is so thick … calling this freedom,” she said. “The bills and the ideas and the concepts and the policies that are brought forward are all control. They’re the opposite of freedom.” Leftists excel at projection and fail at logic. Look at this another way. You lose your livelihood because you feel you should have the freedom to dictate what goes into your body. If they are okay with "mandatory" inoculations, they should also be okay with a company firing someone because they are homosexual, or want an abortion, or drive a Ford instead of a Chevy.

Bill Landen recited the tired propaganda that the Wyoming Freedom Caucus members all "vote in lockstep" with each other. Bill, Bill, Bill, we've been through this already. You're wrong. Here's the graph from Evidence Based Wyoming.

That long string of red dots are the "Wyoming Freedom Caucus" supporters who they claim "vote in lockstep." That cluster of blue dots at the upper right hand corner are people like Bill Landen who claim to be "representing" the people. That "lock step" group of blue dots has even given themselves a name, the "Wyoming Caucus" and a slogan: Wyoming Solutions for Wyoming's Problems. The solution they propose is that Wyoming needs to become a Bright Blue Democrat State.

Why do the ratings sites exist? Because in order to be elected in Wyoming one must run as a Republican. As seen in the graph above, a majority of state legislators are not Republicans, even though they claim to be. If you are an engaged voter, you owe it to yourself to check out your legislators' records on one or all of the ratings sites. Most are definitely not the "conservatives" they claim to be when campaigning. Most shouldn't even be considered Republicans.

We've covered the ratings sites before in this blog post: "Those Pesky Ratings Sites." There are many more sites than just WyoRINO. While WyoRINO does use just a handful of bills to rank legislators, the interesting thing is that ALL of the ratings sites come to similar conclusions. A RINO is a RINO is a Democrat in disguise.

While the Natrona County Not-Republican Party can be upset with WyoRINO's anonymity and use their manufactured anger to fund-raise, the bottom line is that all of the ratings sites, even the Republican Women of Sheridan County's LAC data, draw the same conclusions.

In the words of Just Blame Joey, "I Am WyoRINO."

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15 set 2023

A truly great article... Mr. Windsor has a knack for explaining these matters. Many of us have been imploring our fellow voters to do just this - look into who you are voting for! (Or ask a friend who's already done all the homework!) Just listen to what the candidates have to say. If their ideas keep pointing toward more "free stuff" and more services from the govt, they will continue to support bigger govt once they're in office.

Or, if they're running for the position of Sheriff and tell you they won't stand up for your Constitutional rights unless a court tells them to, they're probably not going to exercise the full power of the Sheriff's office to protect…

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Membro sconosciuto
15 set 2023

I am WyoRINO

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Membro sconosciuto
15 set 2023

NatRINO County?

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Membro sconosciuto
15 set 2023

The logo alone makes this read worthwhile. #nomoRINOs

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