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Chairman Update: Suit Filed Against BOCC

Sheridan County Republican Central Committee Members,

As directed by you, the members of the Sheridan County Republican Party Central Committee on 29 July 2023, and again supported by the body at the 1 November 2023 Central Committee Meeting, your Executive Committee has filed a complaint (CV-2024-10) naming four members of the Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners as defendants with the Fourth District Court regarding W.S. Title 18-3-523 (a) Removal From Office for failure to perform statutory duties and violation of the oath of office.

The complaint was filed on 17 January 2024 and summons were served on 23 Jan 2024. The Party provided an official statement to The Sheridan Press this afternoon with a statement noting that questions regarding the case be directed to our legal counsel, Caleb Wilkins. The statement reads:

“The Sheridan County Republican Central committee voted to take this action because we perceive the need to hold our County Commissioners accountable to their duty under the law. Over the summer, there was great controversy over the selection and appointment of a successor to fill a county commission vacancy. We have a disagreement with the County Commission regarding their duties under Wyoming Statute. Our hope is that this complaint helps to clarify the proper roles of the County Commission and the Judiciary with regard to filling vacancies on the county commission.”

For any additional questions, please contact Caleb Wilkins, our attorney in this matter.

As this case is now in litigation, please refer to the official statement and direct inquiries to Mr. Wilkins at:

Caleb C. Wilkins WSB #7-5527


1800 Carey Avenue, Suite 700

PO Box 467

Cheyenne, WY 82001

Ph: (307) 634-1525

Way Forward

As of this evening, we have received a Court's Scheduling Order setting trial for February 13, 2024. We will provide additional details as our legal counsel provides them.

It has taken more time that we had expected to put this case together and get it filed. Thank you all for your patience and continued support as our legal counsel worked the way toward fulfilling the directive of the Central Committee Membership.

Watch for additional announcements on our party website:

Feel free to call me if you have questions not addressed above and I’ll do my best to answer them, pending guidance from legal counsel.

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Unknown member
Jan 25

Wahooooo! Rein 'em in, head 'em up, and move 'em out.


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