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2023.12.27 - Weekly Precinct Report: No Votes. So We Will Have To Due With Local Email Scuttlebutt.

No actual votes from citizens this week.

We all can agree that Christmas was more important.

Nevertheless decisions are being made on Our behalf that do, most of Us, more harm than good.

So this week’s local murmurings include.

  • The 2024 budget session need to address state taxes in favor of the citizens (reducing taxes instead of redistributing tax revenue).

  • Wyoming Representatives where do you currently stand on this Issue?

    • What bills do you intend to support?

    • What bills do you intend to reject?

  • The 2024 budget session need to drastically reduce spending (stop promising money we really don't have).

    • Wyoming Representatives same questions as previous question.

  • Election Integrity:

    • The Republican Party will be meeting with the County Clerk and Elections Supervisor in the following weeks.

    • Please send your concerns to, so we can ensure all citizen questions are addressed.

      • For the record we will publish concerns and questions before the meeting and report on the outcome(s) of the meeting afterwords.

      • Both County representatives will be given the opportunity to publish with us in their own words before and after the meeting.

    • So more to come.

  • The City transmission main aspirations are raising eyebrows.

    • Why are they requesting a letter from the County in support of it?

    • Shouldn’t the City, first, ask the Citizenry, if We want a water pipe to nowhere?

  • Seriously - need to take a look at what is up with the City’s Housing Council.

    • The big questing is why take out insurance against being sued, if there are no conflicts of interest?

    • The equally big question is did the taxpayers pay for said insurance?

    • Then there is the question of what is up with these rubric(s).

      • Is there one or many?

      • Why haven’t the rubrics been explained to the public?

    • Is the council willing to consider restructuring and minimizing their role in the process of dishing out the money?

  • Citizens, We, many need to start a "tyrant watch".

    • Some shady behavior has been witnessed in the last SAWSJPB meeting.

    • New post with the details coming soon.

  • The Wyoming Supreme Court Justice candidates have raised some red flags.

  •  **** Citizens need to decide, soon, if money with strings is right for Sheridan County.

We will continue to inform to the best of our abilities. We ask for our fellow citizen to voice their support for the issue(s); we bring forward. Scarcity of resource force Us All to Priorities our efforts.

Our Purpose & Goal is to Represent.

That Requires Citizens Supporting or Rejecting Ideas Presented on this Blog.

We All know. We're All human.

So, Help Us Get It Right.

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