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Partial list of Bills to vote YES on:

HB0007 - Underage marriage-amendments

HB0073 - Annexation-vote requirement

HB0087 - Crimes of obscenity-revisions

HB0100 - Acquisition value study

HB0103 - Political party affiliation declaration and changes

HB0104 - Hunting of predatory animals-amendments

HB0116 - Prohibiting foreign property ownership in Wyoming

HB0119 - Medical prescriptions-off label purposes

HB0152 - Life is a Human Right Act

HB0156 - Voter identification limitations

HB0212 - Statutory standing committees-federal review

HB0279 - Voter identification requirements

SF0101 - Wyoming legal tender act amendments

SF0104 - Property tax-mill levy adjustment

SF0109 - Prohibiting chemical abortions

SF0111 - Child abuse-change of sex

SF0117 - Parental rights in education

SF0125 - Property tax-limiting the maximum taxable value increase

SF0131 - Prohibition on delivery of unsolicited ballot forms

SF0136 - Property tax relief-assessment rate reduction

SF0138 - Unemployment insurance coverage period and reporting

SF0144 - Chloe's law-children gender change prohibition

SF0153 - Election security

SF0155 - Education-teacher resources

SF0159 - Stop ESG-Eliminate economic boycott act

SF0163 - Election integrity-primary elections


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