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Partial list of Bills to vote No on:

HB0004 - Medicaid twelve month postpartum coverage

HB0007 - Underage marriage-amendments

HB0024 - State investments-compensation and relocation amendments

HB0030 - Wyoming's tomorrow scholarship program amendments

HB0032 - Education mill levy amendments

HB0033 - School finance-career technical education grants

HB0034 - School finance-mental health services

HB0046 - Wyoming public safety communications system trust fund

HB0053 - State officials' compensation commission

HB0061 - Source material associated with mining-agreement

HB0062 - Open banking

HB0063 - Vacancies in elected office

HB0068 - School zone crosswalks

HB0074 - Wyoming outdoor recreation trust fund

HB0080 - Medical treatment opportunity act-Medicaid reform

HB0099 - Property tax refund program

HB0102 - Election recount amendments

HB0109 - Wyoming works for tomorrow

HB0190 - Wyoming value added energy and industrial plan

HB0207 - Change in party affiliation

HJ0002 - Constitutional amendment-residential property class

SF0010 - Licensed professional counselor compact

SF0016 - State employee-moving expenses

SF0020 - Driver's license and ID card photo quality

SF0022 - Wyoming public safety communications system funding

SF0038 - Special license plates-organ donations

SF0046 - Community college funding-inflation adjustment

SF0054 - Judges-housing allowance

SF0061 - Legislator per diem

SF0062 - Legislator health care-2

SF0079 - Plan of safe care-newborns

SF0090 - Wyoming property tax relief authority

SJ0003 - Property tax exemption for the elderly and infirm

SJ0006 - Political expenditures

SJ0009 - Right of individual privacy-constitutional amendment

SJ0010 - Right of health care access-constitutional amendment


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