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Update - Special County Central Committee Meeting

What the public will observe by coming to the meeting.

The sole purpose of this meeting is to nominate the three candidates for the open seat on the county commission created by the resignation of Allen Thompson.

In total there are nine qualified applicants.

Each applicant will be given time to introduce themselves plus answer questions.

After all the applicants have had their turn, the Central Committee will have time for discussion.

One anticipated discussion topic being whether and how to honor the democratic process of the last election by selecting the top three runners-up of which each is present, and an applicant for the commissioner position. Not only has this topic been raised in the local media, City Councilman Andrew Patceg also attempted to raise the question at the regular Central Committee meeting. Damn Roberts Rules always getting in the way.

After the discussion the body will vote for the three nominees they wish to submit to the commissioners which they shall then select from to fill the commissioner position. That last part comes later, yet best to clearly state the expectation - local news has been sub-par on acknowledging the statutory facts involved, if not outright dishonest. See one of our previous post for more detailed discussion of the State Statute 18-3-524. Appointments to fill vacancies; term.

Then the meeting will adjourn.

What comes next.

  • Expect a report on the selected candidates in a evening report Thursday night.

  • Similarly expect an additional report when the final duty of the Chairman to provide the County Commissions with the 3 selected names has been completed.

Again, hope to see a strong public presence at the proceedings. Citizen awareness is the first step in correcting the ills of our dysfunction republic.

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