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Unique Local Opportunity To Witness Government In Action

This Wednesday the 13th at 9:00am district court courtroom will be a public meeting on the issue to fill the commissioner vacancy.

The Republican Party is encouraging any citizen that has the

  • liberty,

  • freedom, and

  • bravery to attend.

To do so!

The old ways are under review by US - The People.

To do better than what has been done in the past.

  • Is to show up.

  • To observe.

  • And to participate in the process - the public conversation.

  • That conversation is:

  • What is happening in our County?

  • Our State?

  • And how we are all going to make it better?

The Sheridan County Republican Party is working to create the means for citizens in each precinct to communicate with each other using our precinct pages on our website at As a members of the precinct discussion groups invite more precinct citizens to join the group. The we can work together to identify the current hot-topics. Resulting in the means to engage our republic through our party and our elected officials.

As the old sayings go:

This isn't rocket science people.

And a little effort can go a long way.

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