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The SAWSJPB's Not So Funny Joke On The People

There are several point to be made about our local government with respect to the SAWSJPB’s actions on Our behalf.

First and foremost: they do not deserve our trust on anything!

Now to the reasons why not.

"Sheridan Area Water Supply board finalizes draft dissolution agreement" was the Headline in the Sheridan Press Thursday October the 12th.

The tentatively scheduled date for the dissolution is April Fool's Day 2024. Apparently shoving the proposal down the throats of the citizenry isn't enough for the board. They feel the need to mocks Us while doing it.

No planned three reading are to be conducted in the County & City bodies. Instead the vote will be taken on the Nov. 6th for the City and Nov. 7th for the County.

The Agreement is on the agenda for the Oct. 23rd City Council study session.


- Tuesday, October 24, 2023, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall

- Monday, October 30, 2023, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall

Take a look at the SAWSJPB Minutes and observe just how much they value public input.

COMMENTS FROM PUBLIC: New Business item C —

Vicky Taylor

Bryan Miller

Mitch Cangiamilla

Seems acknowledgment of the citizen is all that matters, not what the came to the meeting to say.

Anyone, citizens, taxpayers, city water users, or SAWS customers, wondering:

  • What is the rush?

  • What the hell is this even about?

If change is actually needed. How about we start with what and why – related to the County’s Water Infrastructure of which SAWS and the City are a part of? Then let's discuss the options available and come to a solution. One we all can understand and accept.

Dissolution of one board and creation of another board (granted with less authority & oversight) seems like an attempt to get the cart before the horse. Typical government thinking, not useful and likely detrimental to the people’s well being.

The SAWSPJB says it is promising less administration and consequently less operational cost going forward. The question is to who’s benefit? The citizen, the taxpayer, and the customer, or government entities, developers, and contractors?

Next, consider how well cooperation is working between the County and City on the Brooks Street waterline project. At this rate the project will not be finished this year. As Cameron Duff pointed out at the County Commissioner’s regular meeting on October 17th , governmental bureaucracy can be frustrating and counter productive for both citizens and government employees.

Think, critically, fellow citizens. The punch is this joke's punchline may hurt – a lot.

Small government and available drinking water: These are the citizenry’s true goals in this matter.

If consent for this decision is to be made by an informed citizenry then the next step is to inform the public, not hold it a gun point. TIME is fundamental to this process. If the County and City are on a deadline, they should have started discussing the issues sooner with the public.

Incompetence should not be rewarded with support or compliance.

Time is not on our side to stop this. Should that be the Will of the People.

To these ends the Sheridan County Republican Party will actively be following and reporting on this issue.

If any citizen would like to post on the SAWSJPB issue, please, send your letters to

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