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The People’s Press - A Press Of, By, & For The People

To each citizen, in each precinct, of Sheridan County:

Precincts, County, & State news is vital for our ability to self-govern.

The job of the Press is to inform the Citizenry of the facts. Opinions are welcome, of course, but scrutinized for inconsistencies to reveal unintended consequences and hidden motives. Obviously, comments are allowed for rebuttal or support of a given piece. Lively and focused discussion is a hallmark of our society, and also essential to good governance.

The relationship between the Press and government is adversarial in nature. Power corrupts, and power that is not challenged by being accountable to the citizenry is tyranny. It is in the best interest of We, the People, to question our government from the very beginning of any attempt to spend money, or add, change, or remove policy.

Fundamentally, The People are the authority from whom our government derives all of its power. Freedom of the Press is an essential right of the People to express our sentiments and exercise some oversight over our Representatives via investigative journalism, opinion and reporting. It also provides an essential forum for our elected representatives to engage us directly, as well as for us to engage each other.

However the role of the Press could do more. It could help citizens understand the citizenry as a collective – a whole.

Interviews, small conversation panels, debates, and local coverage of citizen reactions to a specific idea or happening are examples of: How the Press could improve each citizen's understanding of the citizenry; they are a part of.

Question: What, really, is the Press?

Answer: The people that write and publish articles, and the people that read articles. It requires both with the roles ever exchanging. This is how we achieve a collective perspective of current events and determine the most viable solution(s) to move forward. Conditions change, let's not hamstring ourselves unnecessary by hampering our ability to readily share ideas and problem solve collectively.

A Press Of, By, & For The People which prioritizes the issues that the citizenry deems important.

Our aim with this article is to kick off & create the impetus for the People’s Press.

Let’s consider hosting an interview with our elected County Clerk to get the facts - straight from the horse's mouth.

For those out of the loop, some years ago the county commissioners had usurped the County Clerk's statutory responsibilities. Now, our current commissioners, after being called out for it. Chose to continue to break the law rather than follow it. More on this topic is available in a previous post and the County Republican Party Central Committee Resolution.

Expect more en-depth articles should this usurpation of the County Clerk's statutory authority persist. It simply cannot be allowed to stand (rule of law).

This is definitely a pickle of our elected leader's own making. Moreover, our own collective votes that elected said leaders. In our system of government, agencies have no authority beyond that explicitly described in law. Acts undertaken outside of the lawful structure and bounds of prescribed authority are invalid.

The quickest fix to this head-scratcher (due to the amount of chicanery involved and lack of common sense) is an informed citizenry.

Any county citizen interested in helping to host the county clerk event, please, contact

United in a common goal, We the People of Sheridan County shall self-govern, and protect our leaders from their own worst selves. Our objective, here, is to establish the People’s Press; to ensure we are all well informed Patriots; and prevent Lincoln’s vision of self-governing, the American experiment in government, from vanishing into the darkness.

Awareness is required for The People's Press to flourish. Please, support us by letting your fellow citizens and friends know about our Blog

Any county precinct interested in having a section of the blog specifically for your precinct, please contact

Any county citizens interested in writing articles, please contact

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Glad we have this venue for advancing our views, our stories, thoughts, and encourage active engagement among our party.


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