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New County Commissioner Appointed

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

We are very pleased to announce that Judge Darci Phillips has selected Holly Jennings to fill the temporary vacancy on the Sheridan County Board of Commissioners. Congratulations to Holly!

We thank Judge Phillips for her sober and expeditious ruling, and the exemplary process she used to select the nominee to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Allen Thompson. We also thank the Central Committee for their diligence and attention to carrying forth this process, and we are gratified to see the result. Our government only works properly when we do our civic duty, and you all did exceptionally well. Again, many thanks to all involved.

Most of all, Congratulations to our new County Commissioner, Holly Jennings! May God bless her and give her wisdom and courage as she takes her seat.

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Unknown member
Sep 14, 2023

EXCELLENT choice! Now I can focus on our weaponized Municipal Judge.


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