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The destination is now around the corner – Sheridan County Commissioner Appointment – Date Moved.

The County Commissioners are now meeting on Tuesday the 29th.

A quick list of Topic we hope to see the candidates support and address.

• The Value of Commissioners and Elected Officials to Abiding by the Law.

• Support for the County Clerk's Office having its Statutory Duties returned - immediately.

• Questioning the motives behind the SAWSJPB dissolution.

• Investigating the role of land-trust in affordable housing.

• Understanding the distinction between affordable and attainable housing, and

understanding the consequences to home buyers.

• Public land exchanges: Why are we allowing the process to pillage the public in favor of a citizen or two?

Please attend the selection meeting on the 29th. Interviews start at 9AM in the County Courthouse.

More on this issue to come.

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