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The destination is in sight. The County Central Committee - Selection Results

The Sheridan County Central Committee met tonight for a special meeting. The purpose to select 3 persons to present to the County Commissioners as candidates for the appointment to the commissioner position previously held by Allen Thompson.

After three rounds of voting the following three candidates were selected.

  • Michael Arzy

  • Bryan Helferich

  • Holly Jennnings

The Party would like to acknowledge that this outcome mirrors the runner up results from the previous 2022 election for county commissioner.

The Party would, also, like to thank all the precinct men and women. Who took the time to perform this civic duty.

We were greatly honored by the community’s turnout to witness & verify the proceeding authenticity.

Tomorrow the final condition required of the chairman will be carried out. So, expect, one final post on this topic then.

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Unknown member
11. Aug. 2023

Quick update - notification to the County Commissioners

Reprint of Email

Chairwoman Haswell,

Attached is the letter providing you the three persons selected by the Sheridan County Wyoming Republican Party, on 10 August 2023, to provide to the Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners to fill the vacancy left by Allen Thompson’s resignation.

We look forward to receiving the board’s decision regarding which of the three named persons shall fill the BOCC vacancy by appointment.

Please let me know if you have questions.

God Bless,

Bryan E. Miller

Chairman, Sheridan County Republican Party

Member, WY GOP Budget & Audit Committee

2022 Wyoming Republican Party State Convention Host County

Chairman, WY GOP Governance Review and Feedback Committee

Member, WY GOP Special…

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Unknown member
11. Aug. 2023

Well run, successful outcome for the CC seat last evening. Incrementally, real conservatives are gaining ground. - one at a time. Thats what liberals do: strategize and implement one at a time. We are giving them a taste of their own medicine. Kinda enjoyed watching my own State Rep's face contort every time it was asked of each candidate: "Everyone knows Sheridan County taxes are a disaster...." and him sitting there thinking us lowly proles are unaware of his legislative misdeeds fighting much needed tax reform. We have all the ammo we need on him, just gonna take some work to get word out there on him. We'll replace him next year, then focus the crosshairs on the next…

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Unknown member
11. Aug. 2023

We had 90 of the 106 elected body in the house to vote!

Right away out the gate, Holly Jennings and Mike Arzy captured 50%+1 vote or more in the first round of voting! A move by Dennis Fox in the 2nd round, bowing out to leave room for another conservative to get the vote. What a show of integrity!! By the 3rd round of voting, Bryan Helferich walked away with it to bring all three conservative candidates as the bodies choice to present to the County Commissioners.

It's the Commissioner's duty to pick one of the three candidates chosen tonight per state statute!!

A big congratulations to the winners and the other six candidates for suiting up, showing up,…

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