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The Destination is Nigh - Appointment of the Sheridan County Commissioner

In one week the Sheridan County Commissioners will convene in a special meeting to decide on who will fill the vacant Commissioner position.

Starting at 9am there will be three 20 minute interviews. Then the commissioners will adjourn for an executive session. Upon returning a decision will be made on one of the three candidates.

And with that, the Wyoming Statutes will have been adhered to in good faith, and Sheridan County will have all 5 of its, part-time, Commissioners installed.

Thus, Easy-peasy no fuss!

However, consider the chaos if the Commissioners don't abide by the process: Should the (count them) naught, naught, naught, naught commissioners attempt to trigger other clauses of Wyoming State Statute 18-3-501. Composition; election for increasing the number; term; quorum; election for districting; procedures.

Well sparks will fly, and the "poop" will hit the fan. Wyoming State Statute 18-3-523. Removal from office. will potentially come into play, rather than the promised destination.

We will all be back to square one, but for 4 of the 5 commissioners.

The law is very clear on the process for filling vacancies, and we certainly count on our commissioners abiding by the statutory process for doing so.


Protect Us from our Commissioner's worst selves.

Grace our Commissioners with the wisdom of knowing that abiding by the law is good for us all.


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