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Rodney King Lives!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

NOTE: This blog was originally written last week. Since that time, it has come to our attention that the candidate for Chair of the State Republican Party, whom we called "Other Frank," was not recruited by Mr. True, and claims to have no affiliation with the Frontier Republicans. In the interest of being fair and correct, we've deleted that portion of the original blog post. We think Other Frank is a fine, upstanding gentleman with honorable intentions who would serve the state party well.

There’s an old tale about a Scorpion that wants to get to the other side of the Powder River but cannot swim. The Scorpion spies Frog and asks Frog to give him a ride on his back across the river. Frog isn’t falling for this and tells Scropion, “No. You’ll sting me and I’ll die.” The smooth-talking Scorpion tells Frog, “I can’t swim, so if you die I’ll drown.” Frog thinks on this (as much as a frog can think) and sees the logic in Scorpion’s argument, agreeing to give Scorpion a ride across the creek because that would be the polite and civilized thing to do. Part way across the creek, Scorpion stings Frog. As Frog is dying, he asks Scorpion, “Why did you sting me knowing it would kill us both?” Scorpion replies, “Because it is in my nature.”

One of the more amusing things that happens in politics is the idea that “everyone can get along.” This concept is often promoted by the same people who have spent years dividing people for their own gain. On April 15, the Sheridan Press published a letter to the editor from Martha J. Wright, chair of the Sheridan County Democrats and former candidate for HD29. Martha continues the “purple” theme of her campaign to advocate for “common-sense” government and a better community. We applaud her desire for a more robust Democrat Party and hope that some of our “republican” friends will consider helping her. On the other hand, the concept of “can’t we all just get along” is laughable coming from anyone associated with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and similar hate-mongering and divisive individuals. Next thing you know, they’ll claim to love babies too.

The Rodney King syndrome isn’t unique to the Left or Democrats. There is a splinter political party in Wyoming calling themselves the Frontier Republicans who claim to be civil and polite. Of course, that’s only when they’re not suing people they don’t agree with or calling them bad names in the Media. People who don’t pay attention fall for the message, after all, who doesn’t want to get along? We’re nice, civil people after all.

Which leads to the problem in general: Republicans are nice and polite. Guys like George Bush (HW or W), Mitt Romney, Mark Gordon – pick one – and invite them to your Mom’s house for dinner, because they absolutely will not embarrass you. Yet, they’re exactly why we have the problems we have.

"Just ask any gun owner about how well compromise works."

Somewhere along the line, Republican politeness lost its spine. The Democrats know this and exploit it. “Compromise” means the Republicans giving the Democrats whatever the Democrats want (just ask any gun owner about how well "compromise" works). Oh sure, the Democrats give a little something that’s completely unimportant, because otherwise the theater wouldn’t please the fans.

A funny thing happened. Some Republicans finally woke up and discovered they were in a war and were on the losing side. Rather than surrender, which many of their ilk are bent on doing, they went to their workshops and reinforced their spines with scrap rebar. You would think such courage would be celebrated and emulated, but, no, the Republicans with Spine are vilified, called names, and portrayed as “far-right, ultra-MAGA extremists” or just stupid whack jobs. The Media incessantly plays this game, recently labelling the RINO/Crony Establishment Leftists as the “conservative” Wyoming Caucus and the Republicans with Spine as “far-right” Freedom Caucus. And in the next breath that same divisive Media will ask, “Can’t we all just get along?”

"...there is a war going on and you have to pick a side. This war is for our Freedom, for our Liberty, for our Livelihood."

Why can’t we all just get along? Because there is a war going on and you have to pick a side. This war is for our Freedom, for our Liberty, for our Livelihood. That may sound trite, but just look at the past three years. Are you more free? Is the government getting out of your life? Are you paying the same or less for practically everything, or are you paying more? Are women really women and men really men, or is someone’s sex what they pretend it is? Do you have a spine? Why are the majority of our Wyoming Republican legislators spineless and siding with the enemy?

Getting back to our friend Scorpion, we really do wish Martha J. Wright well in attracting people to her cause. We can think of many elected officials who would align beautifully with her organization. It would also be a first step for those elected officials in regaining the honesty they lost along the way. We would prefer this because then we’d know with certainty who the Scorpions are. At least people like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin are honest: you know that when the chips are down he really is a Scorpion and will side with the Democrats no matter what he says the rest of the time. On the other hand, look at someone like Cale Case or Jon Conrad, proud users of the republican brand and active, but extremely dishonest, Scorpions doing their best to drown the people of Wyoming in debt and government overreach. You can do it, guys! All you have to say is "I'm a Proud Wyoming Democrat!" Martha will even get you a bumper sticker.

Here’s some advice: If you truly want to “all get along,” start by being honest about who you are and stop lying.

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