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Precinct 2-2 Weekly Report - Updated on <2023.08.07>

Sheridan County Commissioner Appointment

Sheridan County Central Committee Resolutions

  • RESOLUTION SUPPORTING THE RESTORATION OF STATUTORY RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE COUNTY CLERK - In a nutshell the past county commissions created an county assistant role, now called County Administrator, and illegally granted that role duties of the county clerk. Now when being called out on it, the current commissioners are doubling down on the, again, illegal practice. Bad Commissioners - shame on you!

    • Until resolved we are asking our citizens from Precinct 2-2 to show support for the Office of the Sheridan County Clerk and the immediate return of the Offices' Statutory Responsibilities.

  • RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF ELECTION CODE VIOLATION COMPLAINT In a nutshell this is to complicated to explain here, so we are asking for help to do the investigative journalism, ourselves, that the local press and media won't. The link above is to an 8 page resolution. We offer it as introductory reading.

    • Our fellow citizens, if you haven't read the Resolution yet, please, do. This is a messy one. We are requesting help writing articles to fully explain all the different head of this particular hydra. If interested contact us at If a couple of people, from each precinct, were to volunteer. Fully explaining the situation will be easy to accomplish.

  • CENSURE RESOLUTION Cyrus Western, State Representative, HD-51 Corrected In a nutshell Cyrus Western has failed his constitutes and acted in a manner harmful to the republic and the people all authority is derived from. A call for Western's immediate voluntary resignation from all elected offices has been issued. To date he has refused to do so.

    • We support of fellow citizens of HD-51 in ensuring representation from their elected representative. Clearly one truth is paramount. We the electorate need to do a better job of vetting the candidates for our elected offices. Let's all start discussing and figure it out for 2024.

  • A RESOLUTION PARENTAL RIGHTS IN EDUCATION MARCH 18, 2023 In a nutshell parents should have rights regarding their children's education and this is a start to ensuring that. Key word is start. Parents need to engage educators at every turn. We must organize and work together as parents, teachers, and citizens to stay abreast of what is being taut in our schools. Most important we must show up and say no when necessary. Working collectively it will be easier to get all this done.

    • We are creating a list of the books in our schools that concern parents. Please send titles of concern to

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We have to start here in our own county and state. I totally agree 100%. I'm not familiar with the proceedings or the rules but I would like to help. Education is a huge concern

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