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Going Forward

Citizens of Sheridan County

The county republican party is aware that our republic is failing.

Representatives are derelict in their duty to represent you - The People.

Sadly this is on us, We the People, for not holding our public officials accountable, for not properly vetting them, as candidates; & the ideas; they put forward.

We all must regain our ability to speak up.

We must all learn to lead our representatives as intended.

Only then shall things improve rather than continue to diminish.

To these ends the republican party is planning to publish weekly reports for each county precinct.

Every elected precinct man and women of the county republican party has the privilege to provide their constituents with a report summarizing:

  • First, the concerns you have brought to their attention.

  • Second, what the party is currently doing about it.

Furthermore the county republican party has created the email for any citizen to contact us and express their concerns. Independents and citizens of other parties are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Now to the crux of it:

Expecting other to do for us: what we ought and shall do for ourselves; is folly of the worst kind. This must be our core tenet going forward. We, the citizens, will do the work to restore reasonable order in our lives.

Therefore the county republicans are offering these tools and services as a mean for the citizens to start organizing themselves. Within your precincts form small groups to work on writing articles for the public to consider. Show support for ideas that make the best sense. Reject any complexity that can’t be understood by most. A system of rules that nobody knows or understands is a system of rules in name only.


For Rule of Law to exist everybody needs to know the laws. The Wyoming State Statutes, in printed form and when lined up one volume after the next on a shelf, are close to a couple of feet in length. Now observe how legislators and elected officials struggle to understand & follow them. Most public meeting tend to have lawyers weigh in on interpretation of the law. The very people we elected to deliberate the merits and vote on an issue; repeatedly defer to the unelected lawyers in the room. This isn’t government. It’s bureaucracy, and it is self evident that we have arrived at untenable. Bureaucracy strives to propagate itself, not the republic. Bureaucracy of any kind is the enemy of a free people.

Now is the time to return to the US & WY Constitutions as the framework for our republic.

Collectively we must be the government outlined in the Constitution.

Let Sheridan County be the spark that ignite Wyoming. Let Wyoming lead our fellow States back to reasonable order with discussion, debate, and deliberation.

One nation under God, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


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Unknown member
Aug 09, 2023

Perfect: "Now is the time to return to the US & WY Constitutions as the framework for our republic.

Collectively we must be the government outlined in the Constitution."


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