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Our Electeds Using Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Reward System. *Does That Mean No More 1% Optional Tax?*

Our Local County & City Electeds should be planning to lobby for the reduction of taxes in the upcoming budget session. Why haven't they officially stated that very intention - as all of our citizens are struggling from inflation and harder times, not just local government employees. 

When can we expect a public announcement?

To be fair across the board, maybe our County Electeds should refund/reduce vehicle registration by at least half next year?

When can we expect a public announcement?

The next time the 1% optional tax comes up for a vote, maybe we, the taxpayers, should give ourselves a bonus (by tax-break) and not vote for the 1 Cent Tax?  Citizens could agree, right now, to make this our objective. As the obvious intent of the 1% tax revenue is to provide government with resources, so they can dangle the carrot and dish out the goodies as they please.

Why are Sheridan County & City Electeds getting a free pass to use taxpayer money to encourage/buy loyalty from their staff and select citizens when they should be more concerned with serving their broader constituencies?

Did this trend exist before or after the pronouncements of our County Commissioners and City Council when they instituted the positions of County & City Administrators, without the consent of the public?


  • Can someone explain to me why we continue to put up with so many Electeds that fail to Represent us, all of us, not just their employee base or citizens they deem to have merit?

  • Why do Citizens continue to elect officials who make so many unconstitutional, morally bankrupt, and ethically deprived spending decisions?

  • It appears that rewards/awards/bonuses or raises, paid for by the taxpayers of course, are only for government recognized citizens.  Can't we just get a break for the masses from our electeds?  A tax break for all vs a reward for some?

We recognize that we don't have a “level playing field” here in Sheridan County, or our own state or nation for that matter.  Yet we don't have to be content with that when we own the field?  Our electeds only play ball on the field and they should be playing by our rules.

For a long time now, ever since we allowed our electeds to create an Administrative governance through the Administrative Procedures Acts at all level of government across our nation, we have been driven toward becoming a Socialist State.  The proof is right in front of us when our tax dollars are being redistributed to those the government favors.

Bottom line, socialism sucks people’s money towards government, so government can take care of itself not the Governed.

We elect representatives to act on our behalf. When they fail us which they are doing now. We are not only obligated to replace them in the next appropriate election. We are responsible for showing up at public meetings and correcting their behavior.

Which is the most convincing evidence as to why vetting our candidates before elections is so important. Otherwise we will have to babysit them the whole term.

So why are We the People putting up with this nonsense?

It makes no sense to just sit back and let it ride when we have the ability to step on the brake pedal. 

Contact Bryan Miller, Chairman of the Sheridan County Republican Party to find out more about how you can help in holding your elected officials accountable for what they do.

To contact Bryan Miller, e-mail him at or call or text him at (307) 920-0215 

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