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On the Frontier with the Country Club Set

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

There is one thing certain about the mainstream media, while they claim to be unbiased, they are anything but fair and balanced. They pick and choose who they interview and quote, how much space that source gets in an article, and they readily omit people they either don't agree with and want to hurt.

The Sheridan Press always rushes to Gail Symons for information when there is anything to do with politics or the Republican Party. Gail is only a precinct committeewoman, one of 52 total in the county, she is not even an elected member of the party leadership, yet The Press must think she speaks for all Republicans given the amount of space they routinely give her. The Press alone is not the sole guilty party. The Cowboy State Daily has a love-affair with Gail as well. (Does this make her a two-timer? Is she cuckolding Leo Wolfson?) Here's a recent article from the CSD:

To be honest, we rather enjoy reading Gail's quotes because she is just oh-so-wrong about everything and a source of endless comedy. She did, however, get one thing right this time:

“I think there might be a subterranean schism happening in the county that is about to rise to the surface,” she said.

Gail seems to think that because District Judge Darci Phillips "accepted her petition" that means "the process won." Wow, what a way to twist reality. Judge Phillips could have rejected Gail's August 29th petition on the point that the 20-day time period for the Commissioner's to appoint a replacement didn't run out until the end of the day, August 31. Yet, Judge Phillips noted that "the commissioners FAILED to fill the vacancy in the time specified by Wyoming Statute." [emphasis added] Since the commissioners failed, the next step in statute (Plan B) is for someone to petition the court. If the "process won," the commissioners would have voted on one of the three candidates as statute stipulates. To be fair, I suppose you could say the process won, but Gail then goes on to argue with that same process she just endorsed.

In her judgement, District Judge Phillips notes that the reasons the commissioner's gave for not selecting one of the three candidates are all invalid. Since the three candidates meet the qualifications and all received votes in the last primary, they are neither "unqualified" nor have been "rejected by the voters." Additionally, all three were elected by a majority of the county party central committee, made up of 106 elected representatives. Logically, District Judge Phillips notes that since these folks were chosen by the elected representatives of the people, they should be considered for the vacancy.

Gail, naturally, is disappointed in this. She, and others, were hoping the judge would reopen the application process so that people acceptable to them could apply. This was Plan B. It was their Plan A. They wanted people who didn't run for election in the last primary and who weren't bothered to apply with the party for selection in July, expecting the judge to select someone of whom they approved. She furthermore feels that it is okay for a party of one, a member of the judicial branch, the judge alone, to choose a representative of the people for the legislative branch. Talk about "rejected" by the voters, the voters didn't even have a chance. Sounds like projection, Gail.

Maybe we're making too much of a supposition. Gail and the Commissioners didn't like the proposed candidates because they weren't "polished" enough and would likely not vote in lockstep with the rest of the commissioners. In other words, they weren't acceptable members of the elitist country club and were blackballed from membership by the privileged few. Makes you wonder what they are hiding behind those vaunted doors of the Sheridan County Country Club, doesn't it?

We are unabashedly a grassroots organization. People like Gail align themselves with the "polished" elite and look down upon the grassroots as unqualified rejects, us "little people." Sadly, the mainstream media carries the water for the elitists and ignores or demonizes the grassroots. That schism Gail talks about is one that she and the media encourage daily. More projection?

People like Gail may think they'll be the ones manning the machine guns, but they never are....

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