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County Attorney, is this Fraud?


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What Ails the Elected and the Privileged?

Apparently power and self importance has corrupted them.

Why must the taxpayer be on the hook for Elected Officials that can’t do the job they were elected to do?

Why are we paying the attorney fees for the County Commissioners. They are suppose to be rational human beings capable of critical thinking. Yet they can’t work out the meaning of a pretty obvious State Statute. Furthermore, the lawyers, they hired are, also, apparently perplexed by the statute.

Seriously, the County Central Committee was able to meet and come to a resolution on the issue of whether the County Clerk's duties should be returned, but five, now four, commissioners, and their lawyers, are either way in over their heads or twiddling their thumbs on our dime.

This is WRONG!

How can these people even show themselves in public after the disrespect they have shown their fellow citizens?

This is beyond making a buck off the public. This is manufacturing drama, disrupting the People’s business, all to make a lot of bucks off the public. Throw in dereliction of duty to boot.

Can we rule out incompetence? It sure smells like it.

The State AG says the Statute is explicit.

So, Sheridan County Attorney, is this Fraud?

So, fellow taxpayers, are we going to put up with this incompetence?

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Unknown member
Aug 28, 2023

And lawyers wonder why they consistently rate at the bottom of everyone's barrel.... Just another fox and hen house example. Sheesh.


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