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Member Letter re: Northeast Transmission Line

This letter courtesy of Vicki Taylor, resident of Sheridan, WY.

Opinions expressed by our writers are their own, and may not necessarily be those of the Sherridan County Republican Party.

I am addressing Senator Kinskey’s statements on the significance of the N.E. transmission pipeline. This waterline was addressed in the DOWL water masterplan study in 2019.

The WWDC denied funding for this project, in November 2023. Why, because there was no engineering design and no easements had been purchased for the pipeline. This has not changed. The City is obligated to put this project out to bid, and, it has not done so, since, the denial by the WWDC, in November.

To refute criticism that the Sheridan neglects existing infrastructure, Senator Kinskey drags out a “capital improvement plan”, his reference to a “walk and chew gum”, and, "Don’t worry, we’ve got a plan." The City’s waterlines leak, the county commissioners know this. In late 2023, the city water line next to the county court house blew open and the County Commissioners agreed to replace this water line at the County’s expense. The “plan”, apparently, does not address ruptured lines, with anymore effort than it does the leaking lines, defined by the 2019 DOWL water line study on the SW side of Sheridan.

In 2005, the County received CBM impact money, and Sheridan County directed $2 million at housing developments. Three of the four developments financially collapsed. Mayor Kinskey, not to be out done by the county, threw the city departments into York Place, an affordable housing project on Montana St. Mayor Kinskey also awarded $100,000 of optional 1 cent tax dollars to put water and sewer infrastructure into the York Place project. York Place collapsed into bankruptcy in 2009. There were only two homes built in the York Place project and no other structures were built at the time of bankruptcy.

Senator Kinskey mentions in his appeal to the County Commissioners and the SAWS board asking for their endorsement of the N.E. Transmission Waterline. Story House, this development is east of Sheridan, but it does not need the NE Transmission Waterline. Instead, the water for this development will come from Industrial Road and the sewer will be an onsite package treatment plant.

Finally, could our housing “crisis” be addressed by a 24-unit townhouse project ready to go on Carrington St. or Weston Village, the new location for the habitat for humanity land trust, or the Carlton development on Mydland Rd., or the Roberts properties of West 5th St, or Teal Ponds?

The NE Transmission Waterline is one component of a larger project, this project would encircle the County’s urban development area with new waterlines running north, east, south and west. The city needs to control the SAWS system. A transfer of SAWS, to the city was fought in October 2023, by some 200 county SAWS customers. Why? Because county residents would have no elected representatives on the SAWS board.

This is, and will always be, the issue.

Thank you,

Vicki Taylor

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