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Ken Pendergraft Seeking To Represent Citizenry On The City Planning Commission

Cover letter

Mayor Bridger et al 11 DEC 23

I would like to take this opportunity to again express my interest in the vacancy on the City Planning Commission.

I have been a contractor for over 30 years, the last 17 here in Sheridan. I grew up here, attending Taylor, Linden and Central Jr High School, and high school at Big Horn. My family goes back in Sheridan and Johnson Counties over 140 years.

I understand that the desires of the long-time locals must be balanced with the needs of the younger generation, and the inevitable influx of people seeking our way of life. I do NOT want to see Sheridan suffer from the same problems as the people in Teton County. We must act now to assure a balance and keep Sheridan livable for all concerned. It should be noted that all three of my children chose to leave the Sheridan area for economic reasons. I understand the frustration.

I am retiring from Cosner Construction at the end of this year, seeking to devote more time to my legislative duties and interests, and believe that serving on this board would enhance my abilities as a legislator on behalf of the people of Sheridan, and that this board would be given a stronger voice in Cheyenne as necessary. I see it as a win/win for the City of Sheridan.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ken Pendergraft

459 W. Burkitt St

Sheridan, WY 82801


Bio for Ken Pendergraft

Born 19 Jan, 1962

Raised in Sheridan

Married 1 August, 1981, three children and ten grandchildren.

Served US Army 1983-1993

Motor Sergeant

Combat Veteran

Self employed as a remodeling contractor in Colorado Springs, CO,

In Thermopolis, WY and here in Sheridan as a partner with

Cosner Construction Company.

Serving as Wyoming House Representative for District 29 here in


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Shout out to the Electeds actually willing to represent.

One Citizen of precinct 2-2 supports Pendergraft for City Planning Commission.

Shout out to my fellow citizens.

Please vote for who you think would best server the constituents of the City of Sheridan on the City Panning Commission.

Prayer to God.

Please help our Electeds to hear, respect, and represent the Citizenry of the City of Sheridan.

Help the Electeds to not be tempted by their agendas (apparent and hidden).

Help the Electeds to fulfill their oaths of office as representatives, fellow citizens leading the honest public debate, for discerning the best possible choices for the greatest number of citizens.



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A most definite win-win!! How can we help getting you on that board, Ken?


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