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Ken Pendergraft HD29 - Letter to BOCC - Sheridan County Airport, federal grant: Why did you sign?

To: The Board of Commissioners, Sheridan County.

RE: Sheridan County Airport, federal grant.

Dear commissioners,

In reviewing a current grant application, I have noticed some changes to the process, specifically a list of “assurances” based upon executive orders from the Biden administration. These include but are not limited to: EO 12898 – Environmental Justice, EO 13985 – Advancing Racial Equity etc., EO 13988 – Discrimination on Gender Identity and EO 14008 – Tackling the Climate Crisis. These have joined the litany of Federal regulations already in place.

I fully understand that Airports are inextricably tied to Federal funding and the FAA. That said, I am disappointed in the lack of push back, especially here in Wyoming. It’s not dissimilar to a battered spouse in an abusive relationship. We appear to be too afraid to resist, too cowed to speak out and to get help.

I have contacted the offices of Senators Barrasso and Lummis as well as that of Representative Hageman. I recognize the enormity of the challenge here, but I refuse to simply roll over to an out of control, overreaching federal bureaucratic monster. I will use the full extent of my office as State Representative, as well as a member of the Transportation Committee and the Air Liaison Committee to protest this overreach.

The expansion of the GA apron is certainly needed, but I wonder how we might otherwise fund it. It is noted that “increased private jet traffic and general aviation has strained the airport for enough ramp space.” What portion of the cost should or may be borne by the private traffic that has created this issue? Are we able to charge fees in this instance, or are the taxpayers required to foot the bill for private jet owners? Perhaps monies spent on other projects such as the Brooks St. conversion would be better spent on essential infrastructure.

Please consider how the County Commissioners might offer some sort of resistance to this egregious red tape. I would note that if I were on this commission, I would vote against this grant application and seek other solutions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ken Pendergraft HD29

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Unknown member
Dec 21, 2023

Their minds were made up before they brought this up in open meeting. The vote was just a “legal” formality. The commission that I really got a chuckle out of, with his defense of the government strings issue. Stands to reason as they are so addicted to other people’s money, not worried over who pays for it!

A big hats off to Holly Jennings for not voting for this stuff!


Unknown member
Dec 18, 2023


thank you for pushing back for all of us. It’s time the Commissioners and Council-people wake up and do the same! Perfectly worded letter!


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