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Hey Cyrus!

We'd like to know how you can keep claiming that your Election Code Violation and subsequent censure, both at county and state levels, is somehow Bryan Miller's fault. You keep doubling down on this pathetic excuse.

Just to be clear, an Election Code Violation Complaint was filed against the "Howdy Pilgrim" mailer for attacking Sheridan County Republicans and for claiming to be from a PAC that did not exist. No one had any idea that YOU and your friend, Wrong-Way Bill, were behind it. Once multiple layers of obstruction were removed, gee, it was discovered that YOU were the instigator. And somehow this is Bryan Miller's fault?

You seem to be okay with breaking the law because, after all, you are an "important" person. Just like your Ol' Pal Bill and his pat on the back sentencing for DUI, eluding police, reckless endangerment, etc. Do you think that State Statutes and your Oath of Office don't apply to those elected to high office? Apparently you don't. So therefore, it's Bryan Miller's fault and you, mighty Cyrus, are just an innocent victim.

Here's a news flash for you: We would have gone after ANYONE who was named as being responsible for that Howdy Pilgrim card. If you hadn't engaged in underhanded and illegal campaign activities, you would not be the recipient of two censures and calls for your resignation. Your constituents (those peons you represent) are not happy with your actions and this is how they're reacting. Good thing for you that tar and feathers are no longer in style.

We hear that in Colorado men can pretend they're women and that's acceptable. Down there you can get away with pretending you are the innocent victim of a "sore loser," but in Wyoming we know better.

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Unknown member
Aug 16, 2023

I really appreciate Mr. Windsor's writing style! And the fact that he serves a mountain of truth dusted with the right amount of sarcasm, well, that's just perfect!


Unknown member
Aug 16, 2023

That’s sharp.


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