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Have They No Shame?

If you haven’t checked out Tucker Carlson on Twitter yet, we highly recommend it. As of today, he has two episodes, both around 10 to 12 minutes in length. The gloves are off and this is Tucker Unfiltered. Unlike the mainstream propaganda peddlers, Tucker is thought-provoking; he doesn’t tell you what to think like the good peon the crony establishment want you to be.

Tucker’s second episode focuses on societal taboos. It’s worth a listen as it may help you understand what has been going on in our world.

Which brings us to…our local School Boards.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which isn’t recommended with all the rain we’ve been having, you are probably aware that a large number of Wyoming parents are upset that the schools have pornographic materials accessible to children in the libraries. We try our best to be family friendly, so we’ll spare you the graphic details of the books that are in the library. Let’s just say they delve deeply into acts that most people perform in the privacy of their bedrooms, and by “most people” we include those who are attracted to sheep and other denizens of Brokeback Mountain.

Naturally, since the School Board Trustees and Administrators are WAY SMARTER than normal people, they deny this is a problem. If you dare ask them about making sure Little Johnny can’t see these books, they’ll tell you that you can fill out an “opt out” form. The form requires the titles of the books and, naturally, they won’t provide you a list of the pornographic books that are in the school library. At last count, we heard there were at over 52 books that qualify. Good luck, concerned parent.

And if you suggest that perhaps pornography shouldn’t be allowed in schools for children under the age of 18, well, you want to BAN BOOKS! You are a Neanderthalic Fascist, don’t you know?

Which brings us back to shame.

Apparently, the School Board Trustees and Administration have no shame. There was a time in American when children were considered gifts and were cherished. The goal of public education was to make sure that ALL children received a proper education, regardless of social status, race, or religion, with the end goal of building good citizens. That America is DEAD. Public education, or Government Education as it should properly be called, is nothing but 12+ years of brainwashing. I know you’ll say that’s not true, but if you are correct, why do the school libraries have pornographic books promoting gay sex, transgenderism, and pedophilia? And why aren’t you rushing to get that bull pucky out of the libraries and the school curriculum? I bet they’re even celebrating “pride month” with rainbow banners and rainbow coloring assignments. Why are some people more equal than others in their world?

If the argument is that the school must teach children about “alternate” sexual proclivities, make it, but good luck justifying why a cherished child should be exposed to that under the age of 18 by anyone other than his or her parents. Here’s a hint: It’s not your job to raise our children. Your job is to educate them in the fundamentals they need to function as citizens. Period.

This isn’t about banning books. This is all about protecting our children.

Have you no shame?

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Unknown member
Jun 20, 2023

Somehow we've lost the concept of "age-appropriate", and just figure that everything should be consumable by everybody of every age group all the time.


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