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Folks, if you're inclined, please link to us on social media: X (fmr. Twitter): @scwygop

Rumble (for our awesome videos): scwygop

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Unknown member
Sep 02, 2023

We appreciate your support, and thanks for staying engaged.


Unknown member
Sep 02, 2023

So nice to have this platform to keep up & get the word out here in Sheridan County! THANK YOU!


Unknown member
Sep 01, 2023

I'm thrilled that you have a platform on Rumble. IMO, they are the very best, strongly first amendment (which means you'll see plenty of stuff that you don't like as you build your list of favorites,) and the least vulnerable to getting blacked out by censors. I'll be giving you a follow there, and will share with my few followers there (from all over the US and some abroad) so that they can get a boots on the ground look at how important local county work is, and how there is plenty to which we must pay attention in our own back yards. Go scgop!!


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