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Call for an Open and Transparent Appointment Process

Here is the link to the County's Boards & Commissions web page.


The County website is a little thin on details for two of the three boards. The County Clerk has been made aware of this via an email with a link to this post.

However the important point of this post is the call to open and transparent appointment process.

For any citizens interested in applying, Please, contact for more information.

Our County Electeds will have to do better, should they intend to regain our trust.

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Unknown member
Nov 13, 2023

This so-called blog is nothing but negative, which reflects at least one of the contributors and the perhaps? the editor. You name call a person who has worked hard for the party a "self-avowed" civics wonk. Made me wonder if you were 10 years old? We have enough dissension in our lives without calling our good members names.

You don't verify your contributor's content and allow libelous titles that are false and false facts without verification. You are setting up our GOP party for potential lawsuits. Opinion is one thing. False information on a supported site with Gop in the title, is another. You give false news a platform. Your contributors and editors need to disclose their name…


Unknown member
Nov 10, 2023



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