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Are You Republican Enough?

This weekend is the Wyoming Republican Party Convention. Every two years the party convenes to modify its Bylaws, Platform, and Resolutions. This being a Presidential Election year, the party also must elect Delegates for the National Convention.

The Convention is officially on Saturday, but, as of the Wednesday before, the fireworks have already begun. Someone on the Bylaws Committee fed paperwork to Leo Wolfson of the Cowboy State Daily, affectionately known as the "Cowpie", regarding a proposed Bylaw change from Weston County. You may read his article here.

The proposed Bylaw amendment deals with a problem that everyone keeps asking about, that is, "Why do so many Wyoming Republicans act and vote like Democrats?" Well, we all know why. If you want to be elected in Wyoming, you need to have an "R" after your name. So, yes, many so-called "republicans" really are Democrats. Since most voters don't bother to take the time to actually learn about the candidates, they think they are safe by just voting for a republican. They're the good guys, right? Well, they should be, but....

For years the Wyoming Republican Party has been trying to get Wyoming Statute title 22 changed. This statute dictates how the party can operate. The party is not allowed to spend any money in the Primary to promote one Republican candidate over another. In other words, the Party has to sit back during the Primary and hope that a real Republican wins. When a little R republican wins the Primary, the Party then has to pretend that that person really is a Republican, even though they don't support or follow the Party Platform and vote 83% of the time with the Democrats.

It is telling that Leo Wolfson chose to interview Cale "Nancy" Case in his article about the Bylaw amendment. Senator Case, who has the audacity to run under the Republican brand, is more Democrat than several of the actual Democrats.

The proposed Bylaw amendment would allow the Wyoming Republican Party to disassociate with the little R republicans, or those people like Sheridan County Commissioner Christie Haswell who changed their party affiliation from Democrat to Republican so they could run for office. It also would have allowed the Party to tell Liz Cheney that she is no longer recognized as a Republican in Wyoming. You remember Nancy Pelosi's J6 buddy Liz, right? The woman who single-handedly ruined the Cheney family reputation in Wyoming and is clawing her way to irrelevance.

Nancy Case seems to think this would somehow disenfranchise voters. Is that a Lefty Democrat position or what? We think that this would somehow help to clarify where the candidates stand which would actually help Wyoming voters. Remember, 2024 is an election year, so all of the elitist, establishment, little R republicans are TRUE CONSERVATIVES! Just ask them and they'll tell you. They'll also tell you that all of those websites that rank their votes during the legislative session are biased and lying about them. Do you really believe what a politician trying to get elected tells you?

Bottom line, the Legislature refuses to fix Title 22, so the Wyoming Republican Party has no choice but to take such radical action. (By the way, Title 22 is Unconstitutional, but no one seems willing to pony up the $100k it would take to get it thrown out in court as it has been in other states.)

In Wyoming we pride ourselves on Riding for the Brand. Well, if you're going to brand yourself a Republican, you need to ride for the Republican Outfit, not the Democrats.

Too bad we can't take lying politicians to the train station.

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