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A Simple Plan – Still Rough - Open to Citizen Feedback - Hopeful of Citizen Support

A direct question: What does the Citizenry need?

Before public meetings, Electeds, and Party there are just citizens or people living in close proximity to each other where collective effort can be more advantageous to most than the expressly self-serving individual efforts of the many.

Not to dis self interest. Yet, in the interest of limited resources, collective efforts, where feasible, tend to be more economical from the the standpoint of utility or greatest benefit to the greatest number of people.

Put another way.

Self interest can inspire ingenuity - innovative solutions to problems.

Utility can encourage stability - confidence in the continuation of the known and accepted social compact.

Both are essential. Otherwise we cease to use what we know works and fail to find new and better solutions that improves the quality of life for all.

Back to the original question.

What does the Citizenry need? Is to ask: What are the Citizenry’s priorities or intentions that can be shown to have majority support?

In order to answer either of these questions. Citizens need to communicate – officially.

What starts as person-to-person conversation eventually has to arrive at a statement on paper with the signatures of those citizens that support said statement. More signatures signifying more support for the statement. Furthermore to have any meaningful value that document must be publish to the public.

The simple plan being suggested here is this. Citizens have to start communicating to each other about: What our government’s priorities ought to be.

For better or worse that leaves us all with Majority rule as the means to decide for the collective.

Measuring majority is not complicated. It is the application of addition by counts of 1.

The value of an official citizen majority is it empowers the citizenry to steer or govern our representatives.

Unfortunately one majority, the silent majority, can work against the interest of the Citizenry. Ideally a silent majority would imply that government is doing a, bang up, brilliant job.

However is the majority impressed with:

  • The County Commissioner’s failure to appoint a Commissioner?

  • The County Commissioner’s failure to restore of the County Clerk’s statutory duties?

  • How 4 County Commissioners can vote without any deliberation on contracts with liberty and small government crushing strings attached?

  • The SAWSJPB boondoggle proposal for dissolution?

  • The County and City’s inability to vote down the SAWSJPB boondoggle proposal for dissolution?

  • The State and County’s handling of the Columbus Peak Ranch Exchange?

  • The farce product that the “airport commission” is producing with respect to regulating airport property?

  • Land-trust projects that scream cronyism and exploitation of the taxpayers?

  • The accelerated expansion of bureaucracy and consequential deterioration of citizen's standards of living and way of life?

  • The closed door decisions with respect to the appointment of persons to County & City boards and commissions?

  • City and County Eleteds that support taxpayer funded bonuses for government employees only?

  • The design, construction, inspection process with the ability for public review, and the general level of transparency and openness to feedback on the County and City Public Work Projects?

Our local and state government have degrade to the point where silence is acceptance.

Speaking up is the only choice forward, it has to be the majority, and it has to be now!

The Simple plan is for every citizen to know what the Citizenry’s priorities for Our government are.

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Unknown member
Dec 15, 2023

Noll, I'm glad to see you're still working to get us all connected. I think the roles of government should be limited to the WY Constitution, which limits the government's ability to infringe on personal liberties and also limits donations made from taxpayer money. When it comes to cities, they should be limited to the permissions granted in State Statute, Title 15-1-103. Here's a link if anyone wants to read it.

Unknown member
Dec 15, 2023
Replying to

Start by helping those precinct citizens you know to create a simple document of issues or solutions to issue that they support. Include the number of supporters in the group for each item in the document. Final have the names of the group members included in the document. Then email it to We will have to initially verify the group membership and willingness to have the document publish. Yet after that initial verification. Just send the document by the end of each Tuesday. We will publish on Wednesdays. One final consideration as more citizens decide to participate changes to the process may be necessary and occasional in person meeting may be inescapable.

Question can also be post through the…


Unknown member
Dec 15, 2023

You're right. It is tough to get consensus. My priorities? Roads, bridges, maintenance; fire and police protection; election integrity; government process transparency; zoning and planning that retains a civil and beautiful community for all. OK. Now you guys go.


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