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Who feels hope that a sea-change is happening?

Sheridan County is evolving. Wyoming is evolving. The old ways are under review, by the Citizenry, having found the old ways lacking in their service to The People.

As this new spirit of optimism begins to blossom and spread. More and more individuals are awakening to the realization that self-governance is actually a real and a very possible thing.

It has one very basic necessity. The People must lead. In order to lead they must be involved in the process. To be involved in the process means having the information needed to make informed decisions.

Informed can be a tricky concept, if we allow others to define it for us. Yet, again, stick to the basics.

  • What you personally observe?

  • What you learn from others you trust?

  • What the majority, being governed, accept as fact?

From these perspectives, all an active citizen has to do. Is insist that their representatives represent the will of The People. And when they, choose not to, stop them.

Not complicated. Self-governance never was.

Hope is contagious. The only cost is choice to accept it. Sharing hope benefits both the receiver and the giver.

So the next political argument you happen into. Consider choosing hope and offering it to those in the conversation.

Ask the question: What can; we all agree on? Then leave it at that.

Focusing on the positive things which we do agree on as a Citizenry. Ensuring those are the topics or issues our representatives are addressing. That is enough. That is self-governance in a constitutional representative republic.

A little hope may be all that is needed to create this reality.

So ya.


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