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February 10, 2023 · changed the group description.

Precincts are the smallest populational unit with standing in our form of government. Precincts are also defined geo-spatially resulting in the members of the precinct living in relative close proximity to each other. Finally citizens are able to elect party precinct representatives during the primary elections.

The intent of this group is to provide the means for basic communication between the citizenry in each precinct of Sheridan County. However in the interest of time and simplicity this group is not intended to be a forum. Rather its purpose is to directly measure citizen support on "actionables" that citizens and our precinct representatives can use as evidence of the people's will. Furthermore this measure should be as timely and close to real-time as possible.

Some basic examples of actionables:

- Support for or against a specific upcoming US Senate vote.

- Support for or against a specific upcoming US Representatives vote.

- Support for or against a specific state bill.

- Support for or against a specific upcoming county vote.

- Support for or against a specific upcoming city vote.

How to accomplish this?

- Post under your precinct topic; the actionable of interest along with the intent to support or reject.

- Use the vote up button to agree with the post. This is to be the measure.

The validity of the measure is dependent on a few things.

- The ability to verify only precinct members are voting (one person; one vote).

- The number of citizens participating and how closely it is to the current number of registered voters for the precinct.

Some of the issue discussed above cannot be easily addressed in this group directly. It is suggested that the citizenry of each precinct form additional groups or meet in-person to develop ways to address such issues.




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