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Would anyone be interested in discussing how we can improve citizenry communications for our county?

The chief ideas being suggested.

  • Develop precinct(s) communications.

  • Provide the means for citizens to vote on upcoming policies.

  • Tallying the votes to definitively prove. What the citizenry does and does not support.

  • Prioritizing based on the volume of participation and agreement.

The Sheridan County Central Committee Meeting, March 18th, 2023, at Sheridan College Whitney Center. Check-in begins at 9 AM; meeting starts at 10 AM.

We could meet before or after the meeting to discuss.

If this date is not convenient.

  • Leave available dates in the comments of this post (please tag with your precinct - see topics in right lower side bar).

  • Would the Sheridan County Library could be an agreeable meeting place?




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