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Mermaid flowchart


The current flowchart is static and just an example, yet hrefs could be added for site navigation. Furthermore a tags system could be used for faceted classification. Finally the data could be accessed from a SQL or graph database. The point here is proof the flowchart is possible for the website.

One option for Discussion groups would be to establish nested networks which would establish highly specific on demand discussion forums with the specific goal of producing a decision with explanation by a given deadline. At the conclusion of the forum the deliverable would be published and the the forum dissolved. Note multiple forums could exist at any given time. Integration with

the flowchart would allow for abstracting the bigger picture and improving productivity. Scheduling in the form of a Ghatt chart is possible. The biggest gain would be the visualization of bottlenecks in the workflow and the ability to reassign resources as necessary. If an informed citizenry is the goal. A fully engaged and participating community would be a good starting point.

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