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Cyrus Western, State Representative, HD-51

WHEREAS duly elected Wyoming state representatives are expected to exhibit public behavior in the highest ethical manner, and this sitting state representative falsely swore an oath of office in January 2023;

WHEREAS this representative is under investigation since Sept. 2022 by the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department for unethical and illegal mailings libeling and disparaging fellow Sheridan County Republicans; case number 220818S05;

WHEREAS this representative has been found to illegally initiate and operate an unregistered Political Action Committee called WINO (Wyoming In Name Only) located at a shell location at 30 N. Gould St., Sheridan, WY, and fraudulently failing to report financial statements per Wyoming statute Title 22 Elections;

WHEREAS this representative has been discovered to have contracted across state lines for printing and sending 7,000 libelous mailings to 4 fellow Republicans’ precincts falsely accusing them of dishonorable intentions, which include a sitting Sheridan City Councilwoman, and an active candidate for Precinct Committeeman;

WHEREAS this representative’s Campaign organization has been found to be involved in a covert operation across multiple county lines (Sheridan, Johnson, Campbell) to hide aforementioned mailer funding;

WHEREAS this representative has been elected to the offices of State Representative, House Majority Whip, and Precinct Committeeman and is currently acting in those capacities representing not just his own House District, but is conducting State business for all the Republicans in the State of Wyoming;

WHEREAS this representative has failed to uphold the high moral standards entrusted to him by the citizens of the county of Sheridan, and of the entire State of Wyoming; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that House District 51 State Representative Cyrus Western be permanently censured from the Sheridan County Republican Party for immoral and unethical public behavior, contrary to the values of the Sheridan County Republican Party;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Sheridan County Republican Party demands Representative Cyrus Western’s immediate voluntary resignation from all elected offices.

Resolution passed by the Sheridan County Republican Party Central Committee, 18 Mar 2023.

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