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Will the BOCC Save Christmas for the Landowners on Red Grade?

With nice roads to drive on and good weather ahead. Why can't Landowner drive up to their Cabins for the Holidays?

Well, because them are the rules - period.

Argument one the BOCC must protect "stupid from itself".

Argument two punishing "not stupid" to protect "stupid" is acceptable.

Argument three using a specific date regardless of actual physical conditions is simplier to understand and enforce.

Ultimate outcome still can't fix "stupid" and everyone else is deminished in the attempt.

Is this the Liberty Our Veterns bleed and died for?

The BOCC can do better.

Now show us you can.

Save Christmas!

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Unknown member
Dec 19, 2023

Right on Noll! When was it that Government here in Wyoming can land lock a property owner off his/her property? I'd like to think people can follow the weather reports and observe safe or unsafe road conditions. For those other's who can't, then chalk it up to the natural order. Not intending to be harsh, but if the shoe fits!


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