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The Soros-funded Propaganda Machine & The Sheridan Press

On the front page of The Sheridan Press, Wednesday, 22 May, was an article entitle "As candidates file, familiar battle lines form between Wyoming GOP factions." As is common with contemporary journalism, the lazy and underfunded editors of the Press just lifted an article from WyoFile and reprinted it, lies and all, without any editing. Of course they failed to even properly lift the article because they left out half of it, so in Thursday's edition the Press doubled-down by reprinting the lies yet again, this time in full.

Rule #1 of Propaganda: If you repeat a lie frequently enough, it becomes truth.

Keep in mind that WyoFile is a George Soros-funded entity masquerading as a "fair and unbiased" news source. So is the Press, without Herr Soros dirty money. We wonder how outlets claiming to be unbiased, always manage to modify the "Wyoming Freedom Caucus" to "the extreme hard-right Wyoming Freedom Caucus." Sounds rather biased to us. And, as you shall see below, this same "unbiased" group completely lies about the "Wyoming Caucus" as well, asserting they are "fiscal conservatives." What a laugh! And the mainstream media wonders why no one trusts them and their importance to society continues to drop like a passenger that fell out of a DEfectIve Boeing airplane.

A keen observer of wrongful acts performed by politicians and their cronies, Chris Williams of Buffalo has dissected the lies perpetrated by WyoFile and The Sheridan Press below:


One of the staff writers for the online communist newspaper ‘Wyofile’ would have you believe that members of the Wyoming Caucus (an extension of the Democrat Party) are ‘fiscal conservatives.’  It’s kind of like a man who wants to be a woman telling you he is a woman when, in fact, he is really a man.

So, according to the online communist newspaper ‘Wyofile,’ a 'fiscal conservative' is someone who votes for the following:

  • The largest budget in the history of Wyoming

  • Continuing to give $100m every biennium of your state tax dollars to local counties (who are already flush with cash and tax revenues) for them to spend on God who knows what

  • Voting for a budget that was 16% higher than what the Governor submitted

  • Voting for a budget that was 21% higher than what was spent in the 2023/2024 biennium

  • Voting for a budget that was 32% more than what the Wyoming Legislative Services Office says was needed to operate the government at the same level of service in 2025/2026 as in 2023/2024

  • Voting for a budget that was 42% more than the budget Governor Gordon inherited when he took office in 2019

  • 30% increases in personnel compensation packages (how many of you received 30% increases in your household income and benefits since Mark Gordon took office?)

  • The highest spending per capita in the nation - $39,430 per year for a family of four (this is a 42% increase in spending per family from just two years ago ($27,700))

  • State employees who make 20% more than their private sector counterparts

  • Pension contributions for state employees in the 18-27% range (how many of you reading this who are private citizens are receiving 18-27% of your salary each year in retirement contributions from your employer?)

  • $837m for health insurance coverage for the ~7,250 state government employees

  • Military partnerships between the state of Wyoming and the country of Tunisia (yes - your tax dollars go to support this partnership)

  • Against every bill and amendment that would have provided true property tax RELIEF

  • Giving you back $10 MILLION in property tax refunds out of the $2.2 BILLION they collected in 2023 and calling that ‘property tax relief’ - in other words, taking $100 from you and giving you back $.45 (45 cents) and calling that ‘relief’

  • Transferring >$2 BILLION from your personal savings accounts over the last two years to the state of Wyoming cash reserve accounts (which are now approaching $30 BILLION)

  • $2.25B in transfers from your personal savings accounts is equal to ~$3,850 per person in Wyoming (or ~$15,400 for a family of four)

  • Raise your hand if you are a family of four who would like that $15,400 transferred back to your savings accounts…who could use $15,400 in your savings accounts right now

  • $30 BILLION = ~$51,375 in transfers from your savings accounts (or $205,500 for a family of four)

  • The Democrats and the communists would have you believe that you giving $30 BILLION of your tax money to the government would ‘lower your taxes’ - yet they just passed a budget a couple of months ago that had the LARGEST tax revenues in the history of Wyoming - logic would tell you that if you have record cash reserves ($30 BILLION) in your savings accounts that you would not have to tax the people the most amount of money they have been taxed in your history - that is, after all what they tell us, ‘we have these reserves so we can keep your taxes low’ - in my book, the largest tax revenues in the history of the state DOES NOT EQUAL ‘keeping my taxes low’

  • Etc., etc.

If that is ‘fiscal conservatism,’ then what do the Democrats and communists call lower tax revenues, lower spending, etc.?  I am so confused (insert emoji of exploding head)...

NOTE - all of the facts highlighted above, are documented in reports by the Wyoming Department of Revenue, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Wyoming Economic Analysis Division, Governor Gordon’s biennium budget books and the Wyoming LSO.

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of liberal politicians and their communist supporters in the media continuing to lie to you…continuing to gaslight you…continuing to tell you that a man is a woman...

A few other hysterical highlights from the article:

  • The staff writer describes the Democrats of the Wyoming Caucus as ‘a group known for its fiscal conservatism, pro-business policies, small-government local-control ethos and an embrace of pragmatism over ideological rigidity’

  • I don’t know about you, but those sound like talking points provided to the Wyofile staff writer by the spokesperson for the Wyoming Caucus (or talking points which the staff writer cut and pasted from the Wyoming Caucus)

  • How many business owners copied on this email would testify under oath that the current governor and legislature is ‘pro business?'

  • The only pro business aspect of the current governor and legislature is the hundreds of millions of dollars they have given to the Wyoming Business Council over the last 10 years

  • What has the state of Wyoming received in return for this hundreds of millions of dollars in tax payer money given to the WBC?  A declining real GDP - yes, that’s right - Wyoming’s REAL GDP (GDP excluding the effect of inflation) is on track to have gone down $2.3B since 2015 (go look it up in the State of Wyoming Economic Analysis Division annual reports on GDP)

  • A closer look at the WBC budget and accomplishments shows that the WBC spent $83m last biennium to create 197 jobs ($421,320 in taxpayer money to create ONE job) - that  is what the Wyoming Caucus calls ‘pro business?'

  • On the other hand, the staff writer then impugns the Freedom Caucus by describing them as a ‘faction that has gained attention for its uncompromising approach to politics, absolutist anti-abortion and pro-gun stances, embrace of national political talking points around election fraud, vaccines and immigration’

  • I guess the Wyofile staff writer did not do her homework on all of the vote counts in this last legislative session - pretty much every time some one from the Freedom Caucus (numbering about 24 out of the 62 members of the Wyoming house) put up a bill or an amendment, it was voted down 38-24 by the true Democrats and the Democrats of the Wyoming Caucus - who was ‘uncompromising’ in this last legislative session?

  • The Wyofile staff writer’s description of the Freedom Caucus sounds like talking points that were written for her by the Wyoming Caucus

  • So, to summarize, the staff writer uses Wyoming Caucus talking points to describe the Wyoming Caucus, but then she uses Wyoming Caucus talking points to also describe the Freedom Caucus - now that is ‘fair and balanced journalism’ if I ever saw it

  • Speaking of ‘national talking points’ - I find a few things curious about this description of the Freedom Caucus relative to the Wyoming Caucus

  • A quick review of the political contributions to various house and senate candidates in Wyoming reveals that members of the Wyoming Caucus receive, in many cases, more than 70% of their contributions from out of state liberals and out of state political action committees vs. the contributions received by members of the Freedom Caucus are primarily from in state Wyoming Residents

  • My favorite contribution is by B. Wayne Hughes - an uber liberal out of Jackson who gave $500,000 to Wyoming Hope PAC - an uber liberal PAC known for targeting true ‘conservatives’ and for donating to many members of the Wyoming Caucus...

  • Which group is truly controlled by ‘out of state, national interests’ Ms. Mullen?  Maybe your next article can be on this topic - a true act of proper journalism

  • A comparison of the narrative written in Governor Gordon’s BFY25/26 Budget Book and strongly supported by the Democrats of the Wyoming Caucus also reveals a very curious strong alignment in the language of the Governor’s budget book and language of the Biden administration (on topics like energy, mental health, taxation and spending, etc.) - it could easily be argued that the ‘fiscally conservative’ Biden Administration wrote much of the Governor’s narrative in this biennium’s budget book...

  • Ms. Mullen - maybe that could be your next article after the article on out of state political contributions to this year’s candidates - ‘A comparison of language between the Governor and Wyoming Caucus vs. Language used by the Biden Administration’ - I think you will find that the FACTS of this comparison shoot down your ‘national talking points’ accusation of the Freedom Caucus

  • I wonder how much of Wyofile’s revenue comes from ’out of state, national’ organizations…

  • I wonder how much of Wyofile’s propaganda/talking points are written by ‘out of state, national’ organizations…

  • I wonder what we would learn if we compared Wyofile’s propaganda/talking points to the propaganda/talking points of the Democrat party...

Anyway…I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend - a very special weekend for my family in particular.  Please enjoy a bag of pretzels on me. (Pretzels are likely all you'll be able to afford this year, thanks to Wyoming Caucus Democrats and Bidenomics. - Ed.)

As you read the Wyofile article, please do not be drinking anything - I don’t want any liquid to come back out of your nose when you laugh uncontrollably at some of the phrases used in the article…

This summer is going to be fun/fascinating to watch as the Pretzels of the Wyoming Caucus and their communist supporters in the media contort themselves into things they are not. They really do think you/we are stupid. What must it be like to delude yourself into believing you are something you are not?

Stay tuned!

Kind regards,


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Unknown member
May 24

SPOT ON AND THANK YOU! Yesterday an article in Oil City News again refed a WYOFILE blurb by Ms. Mullens. The article (condescendingly) described another website who ranks WY politicians. Do these "news outlets" have nothing to say themselves? Thank heaven for Cowboy State Politics and David Iverson. Thank heaven for true conservatives like WY Freedom Caucus actually getting the word out to voters.


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