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The Ruling

Findings of Fact Conclusions of Law and Judgment (1)
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Unknown member
Mar 13

What a travesty of justice. Perhaps a 'retired' judge is not one that should have been 'chosen' to decide. No repercussion nor any reason to be just and morale. Why is it again that our Statutes and laws are 'published?' Seems that it is WHO you know if you want to win, gone are the days its seems that honesty and truth reigned. Just stick a wet finger in the wind and see where forth comes the strongest gale. (Or the biggest 'windfall.) It appears our Justice system, along with our Health system has succumbed to the highest bidder or just turned down the road to hell.


Unknown member
Mar 13

JUST other names to add to the DO NOT RE-ELECT list. We must get the word out; the uninformed just vote for a 'recognized' name. ... SAD

Unknown member
Mar 14
Replying to

W Thomas Sullins, RETIRED District Judge

He was a 7th District Court, Natrona County, retired in 2019 ... so how is it that he now rules in the 4th District, Sheridan County? Current 4th District Judges are Darci Phillips and Ben Kirven. What I cannot find is how he was appointed and by who for this case -now ruling for Sheridan.


Unknown member
Mar 13

I am so disappointed we lost an open and shut case.


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