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Thành viên không xác định
08 thg 7, 2023

Cost reduction for rural customers? 30-40%? Count me in!!!


Thành viên không xác định
07 thg 7, 2023

Let me start off by saying that I greatly appreciate Vicki Taylor's dedication to ferreting out issues in our local governing bodies. She has been impactful in our community on some very important matters. Although I may not share all of her concerns on this particular issue, I'm thankful that she works so hard on behalf of the rest of us to try to keep our local government on track.

Should the City assume responsibility for the entire SAWS and City water system? How will the SAWS customers be fairly represented if the system is operated and owned by a governmental agency they didn't vote to elect? Why would we even consider this?

Here are a few points:

  1. The current…


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