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Mike Arzy - Precinct Man for 12-1 & County Republican Vice Chairman's - Report to Constituents.

12-1 precinct and vice chairman.

What am I working on? A better question would be “What am I NOT working on?!”

First, I have been approached by VERY concerned taxpayers that we have a problem that is getting bigger when it comes to keeping our children safe in schools! Let me explain: It is illegal to concealed carry in a school or even in the parking lot. No firearms allowed. Seems as though an “active shooter” clearly has the upper hand here! When you add this to the average response time to one of our outlying schools (30-40 minutes) that’s a LOT of clips from said “active shooter” before help arrives! School administrators, teachers and parents ARE the first responders, but their hands are tied in protecting the children!

Now, top that garbage off with federal regulations that claim that out door closing mechanisms are against federal fire code! One more tool that is being removed (by orders from the state fire marshal). 

We are back in the Stone Age with teaching kids how to barricade a door with desks!

Our schools here have been fortunate, but common sense should tell everyone that we need better preparation AND give us BACK the tools!

Next, we the people scored a fairly substantial win with Sheridan County Commissioners re-implementing the public’s right to exercise free speech during a meeting on any topic. 

When any listed topic on the agenda is read, from now on, you need to raise your hand if you want to speak to it. The chair will recognize you and you can go to the podium to speak. Please use discretion on redundancy, and please don’t make the same mistake that I did when I muttered that Lonnie Wright had his head in the sand. I should have raised my hand first and went to the podium and told him that from there. 

Last, for now, is the property tax issue. It isn’t hard to figure out who “we the people” should be voting for and, more importantly, voting OUT! Anyone in state legislature who is trying to derail this petition to lower your property taxes probably better dust off their resume, because they won’t have a job next election (my opinion)! You are sworn to be the voice of your constituents! Not some Wall Street investor! Y’all stole that money from hard working taxpayers and it’s time you own up to it and GIVE IT BACK! 

I’m close to completing my survey. Think I only have 6 more signatures to collect. Wow! Talk about a great conversation starter! 

That is not all that I am working on, but my right thumb is gettin’ tired so I’ll visit with you later. More to come!

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