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John Hoak - Concerned that world populations are being manipulated to accept policies of Self Harm.

Dear Editor:


With our Governor in the national news again, and COP28 underway, I offer this comment:  Any scientifically-trained person or rational, objective, honest observer of the Global Warming Climate Change Movement (and its parent, the corporate Environmental Movement) knows that science has been grossly corrupted to “prove” predetermined, fallacious climate change crisis conclusions; to wit:  that the earth is warming dramatically & unnaturally; that greedy, irresponsible mankind caused the cataclysmic warming; that global destruction can be averted only by people everywhere (especially in the West, and most especially in the United Sates) abandoning successful economic foundations, sacrificing freedoms & quality of life, and ceding controlling power to an elite, godlike group of globalists (who see themselves exempt from making any sacrifice).  Evidence is manifold of not only the insufficiency of meteorological data, but also of the climate change movement’s widespread, malicious manipulation of data and its specious, agenda-driven leaps to unsupportable verdicts and impossible “solutions.”  I will not here detail the agenda and clear motivations of the movement, nor trace its unmistakable roots in Marxist-inspired crisis-and-division politics.  Suffice to say, the worldwide Climate Change Movement and Green Revolution constitute one of the greatest, most expensive & wasteful and most dangerous & destructive frauds of modern history.


For those interested in the topic, I recommend, as an introduction, False Alarm by Bjorn Lomborg (False Alarm | Lomborg), a readable, well-cited treatise.  Lomborg is a seemingly-sincere environmentalist who believes that the earth is warming, that mankind is causing the change, and that coordinated global governance is the solution.  I agree with none of those premises, but am nevertheless intrigued by his economist’s perspective & observations – namely that the Climate Change “crisis” is mis-characterized & over-hyped, and that the “solutions” are not only not effective, they are extremely destructive.


A CNN poll in the news today claims that a majority of Americans (and Republicans) believe the government must take aggressive action to address the “crisis.”  My concerns about the reliability & objectivity of a CNN poll aside, it seems clear that many Americans have, indeed, succumbed to the drumbeat of climate change propaganda.  Wise up, America!  Get clear of the chorus of hysterical pronouncements, hypocritical proselytization and rabid groupthink.  Do some independent reading and a little thoughtful research.  There is no climate crisis.  The Climate Change movement is not about climate or environment, it is about wealth redistribution and elitist power arrogation & centralization.


John Hoak

Big Horn, Wyoming

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