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Holly Jennings For County Commissioner Chair

On January 2nd, the Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners will choose a new Chair. We humbly submit that they select Commissioner Holly Jennings for that position.

Yes, we are biased, but there are solid reasons behind our suggestion:

  1. Of the five Commissioners, Holly Jennings is the only one who didn’t participate in the charade and statute violations when replacing Allen Thompson.

  2. Of the five Commissioners, Holly Jennings is the only one who has not been part of usurping the statutory duties from the County Clerk, Eda Thompson.

  3. Holly is a “people’s” commissioner. She actively solicits public input on topics during meetings rather than shutting the public out.

  4. Holly spends more time in the office, available to staff and public, than the other commissioners.

  5. Holly researches the topics, reads the grants and contracts, and actively tries to ensure that Sheridan County is not bound by ridiculous and costly Federal government strings.

  6. Holly does not vote in lock step with the other commissioners, much to their (and the media’s) dismay. What value is a representative democracy if there is never any dissent?

  7. Most importantly, to reiterate, Holly Jennings is the only member of the BOCC who has not willfully violated Wyoming State Statutes.

Based on the above, we feel that Holly Jennings will make an excellent Chair of Sheridan’s BOCC.

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Unknown member
Dec 30, 2023

Sent by email

I, Stuart Walker a resident of Sheridan County, Wyoming, support Holly Jennings for County Commission Chair. Sincerely, Stuart Walker


Unknown member
Dec 29, 2023

I support Holly Jennings for County Commissioner Chair.

May new leadership mark the sea change for representative government in Sheridan County and Wyoming.


Unknown member
Dec 29, 2023

Yes. I was proud of Holly for her willingness to be the.lone vote against the airport funding with the Federal Strings. She has a spine.


Unknown member
Dec 29, 2023

Holly Jennings would be an excellent Chairwoman for the County Commission for all the reasons stated above. But to pick just one,... I recently sat down with Ms. Jennings and learned about her research into the Federal funding being sought at the Sheridan County airport, and I was shown all the strings that were attached. It was appalling what the Federal government thinks we're willing to accept in exchange for relatively small compensation. The other commissioners are either o.k. with adopting the entire federal social agenda that was prescribed in the application, or they didn't read to even know what they were committing to on behalf of the rest of us. Folks, we need leaders who are willing to …


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