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[This is a reprint of Charles Cole's Letter to the Editor of the Sheridan Press, reprinted by permission]


Two recent LTEs to the SP have expressed notions that bring to mind objections one might hear in a court of law, i.e. they assume facts not in evidence.

First we were urged to “trust” our elections lest we become election deniers supporting “The Big Lie.” If 2020 was so impeccable, why are questions raised about it vehemently attacked and smeared by the likes of Democrats who themselves cried “foul” about the elections of 2000, 2004, and 2016? How could dozens of counties in numerous states in 2020 have recorded more votes than eligible voters? After 99% of late arriving votes went for Biden in PA, why did the PA Supreme Court cancel the only judicial order a lower court had made to conduct a full evidentiary hearing in that state? I prefer President Reagan’s advice: “Trust but verify.”

We were also told to “trust the judicial system.” Space prevents me from proving the plethora of examples of the rampant corruption characterizing our weaponized federal law enforcement agencies and the prosecutors and judges in the cherry picked districts filing the infamous “91 criminal indictments.” I think it would be advisable to look closely at the specific prosecutors and judges involved in those cases and watch for blatant instances of obvious bias.

And we’re told that Donald Trump would “lead this country on a short route to chaos,” by “riddling the federal government with incompetent toadies.” No mention of the current chaos at the southern border or the chaotic crime spree in many of our large cities, as well as the all-star lineup of current administration luminaries. Somehow all that gets swept under the rug.

Trump, it’s claimed, would appoint servile officials such as an attorney general and federal judges who would, among supposed atrocities, “deny women’s body autonomy.” Wow! And here I thought this issue had been returned to the states for adjudication.

There was also the trite claim that Trump would allegedly decimate “the Rule of Law,” dismantle “equal protection under the law,” and destroy “our democracy.” To say that these unfounded accusations are tediously aggravating is a monumental understatement.

Permit me to remind our adversaries of an age-old adage – take the log out of your own eye before trying to remove the speck in another’s eye. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to fit the modus operandi of today’s putative guardians of “our democracy.”

Charles Cole,

Sheridan, WY

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Mr. Cole's words ring objectively true in our time of asserted subjectivity. And I believe the majority of Americans understand the attacks being made on "truth" at present. I also believe we will see that reflected at the ballot box. But a larger pile of hay (higher voter turnout) gives room for increased "anomalies." As such, it is very important for each one of us to step out from our position on the sidelines and start walking onto the field. I'm not saying run for office, unless you're feeling led to do so. I'm saying pay attention, get involved, start making local politics part of your daily briefing. It's sunshine that will dismantle these issues, the obvious double standar…

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To the County Clerk and Election Supervisor:

Please do what is necessary, so the Election Judges of Sheridan County can verify all tabulator result by hand counting ballots.

"Trust but verify."

As a previous election judge, the only thing I could verify from the tabulator's printed report is that the number of ballots entered into the tabulator equaled the number of ballots handed out.

I was unable to confirm any of the result for a particular race being unable to count individual ballots.

As an election judge I am not privy to verifying the objective or subjective nature of the program that counts and tallies the ballots and compiles the results.

This topic is of critical importance to election integrity.…

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