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City of Sheridan, Wyoming - Notice of Planning Commission Opening

The City of Sheridan presently has a vacancy on the Planning Commission, providing an opportunity for engaged and motivated city residents to give back to their community. The term of appointment is three years. Interested individuals should send a brief bio and cover letter to the mayor’s office either via e-mail at or regular postmarked to:

Richard Bridger, Mayor

City Hall

55 Grinnell Plaza

Sheridan, WY 82801

Role: The Planning Commission reviews land development review proposals within the City limits and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding approval. The Commission is guided by existing planning documents adopted by the City Council and city code. The Planning Commission is also responsible for overseeing the preparation and update of the Comprehensive Plan and other long-range planning documents. The Commission receives administrative support from city staff.

Time Commitment: The Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Occasionally, as needed, the Commission holds work sessions to address topics of specific concern. Regular meetings vary in length but typically run about an hour. Planning Commission members receive information packets on each proposal to be reviewed. Each Commissioner chooses how much time to devote to reviewing packet items, but 30-60 minutes per item is probably a reasonable estimate. Total monthly commitment for meetings, work sessions, and packet review averages about 5-6 hours.

If interested, please, consider applying. Citizen involvement is critical to good local governance.

In the interest of full transparency, also, consider sending a copy of your cover letter to

We would love to publish it, so the citizenry can be in the loop.

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