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12.20.23 - Weekly County Citizens (by Precinct) Priorities Report w/ Vote Count

As promised, this Week's Priorities

Precinct 11-01

vote count | Priority


         1 | Roads & bridges maintenance

         1 | Fire & police protection

         1 | Election integrity

         1 | Government process transparency

         1 | Zoning & planning that retains a civil and beautiful community for all

Precinct 02-02

vote count | Priority


         1 | Election integrity

         1 | Government process transparency

         1 | Actual representation of constituents by Electeds

         1 | Then on to the People’s business

Although a humble beginning, a beginning nonetheless.

Here is hoping our fellow citizens see the potential of knowing Thy-citizenry in the self-governance context.

Merry Christmas Sheridan County, Wyoming!

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Unknown member
Dec 21, 2023

You rock. Thank you. :-)


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