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Your Republican Team

Below is a list of people who serve the Republican Party in Sheridan County.

All of the Precinct Committeewomen & Committeemen, as well as the Elected Party leadership, are volunteers. We appreciate their dedication to the Sheridan County Republican Party and the Wyoming Republican Party.

Elected County Party Officials

Sheridan County Party
Elected Officers

Chairman - Bryan Miller

Vice Chair - Holly Jennings

State Committeeman - Tod Windsor

State Committeewoman - Carla Klopfenstein

Secretary - Natalie Trampe

Treasurer - Harry Pollak

Precinct Committeemen & Precinct Committeewomen

Sheridan County is divided into Precincts. Every precinct is represented by at least 1 Committeewoman and 1 Committeeman. Larger precincts will have more representation. YOU, the voter, elect your Precinct people every two years during the Primary Party Election. These people represent YOU at the County and State Party levels. If you aren't happy with what the Party is doing, talk to your Precinct people. If they don't represent your views, vote for someone who does. We are a grassroots organization which begins at the Precinct level. Get involved! 

GET INVOLVED! If you don't like how things are going, change them! Below is a list of elected officials who are up for reelection. You can make a difference! 

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