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The revealing nature of a question is whether it is answered or not. The value of a question is it's power to inform. We should be asking more questions.

Should we start a list? We could call it Questions & Statements to bring up at public meetings.


So we had this idea of getting the audio from the County Commissioners from the Regular Meeting on December 19th 2023.

Then the plan was to make it available to the public in a post like this with the suggestion that citizens listen to it, and make critiques of the proceedings.

Unfortunately unless a taxpaying citizen wants to fill out a FOIA and cough up $10. You’ll have to wait until it gets posted to the county website 1-2 weeks later.

Huh? Why?

What is happening to the audio during the 1-2 weeks? Uploading the audio shortly before the next meeting rather then shortly after the current meeting seems strange in a representative government that values an informed citizens.

Without audio We needed a new plan.

While pondering the questions.

  • Why does our government want us uninformed?

  • And why is the quality of Our education system diminishing?

The conclusion was reached that we all need to figure out how to inform ourselves because our government is blatantly not doing so.

With respect to the People’s business the citizenry need to function "before the curve not behind it".

One possible solution is to work together to create an ever updated list of questions for each commission, council, and board (all official public meetings) in Sheridan County.

We publish the list before all the public meetings.

Then any citizen present at one of those meetings could enter the new and unanswered questions into the public record.

Voilà. Instantly improved public discourse.

We, really, should be asking more questions.

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