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Seriously, Is There a Cabal Of Wannabe Tyrants In Sheridan County? Two In One Week Spotted & Two Days To Go. *** Mr. Mayor, Please, Turn Away From The Dark Side. ***

Letter to the Republican Party

On 12/28/23 19:52, Ken Pendergraft wrote:


Just as a note of update.  On Dec 5, the city announced an opening on the Planning Commission, on Dec 11 I hand delivered an application to the city for the same.  Both the secretary and the City Administrator were there when I dropped this off.  You will recall that I forwarded a copy to you all at that time.  Since that time I have heard nothing at all from Mayor Bridger.  I did briefly walk up to him as he was heading into the courthouse about a week ago and told him that I was surprised that I hadn't received a call from him.  He replied that he had some reservations about me serving in the legislature and on a board at the same time.  I asked him if he knew how many boards Mark Kinner had served on.  He said he didn't know, I said, "a gob."  I also echoed our city administrator's sentiments that we should all have more open discourse, and that serving on a board would help keep me more abreast of local issues.  The mayor replied that, "That makes sense." 

However, there has been NO official communication whatsoever regarding my letter.   I view this as disrespectful and unacceptable.  Some response or acknowledgement should be expected as a common courtesy.   


I am currently considering several options for my next move.  


Just keeping you all informed.


Ken Pendergraft

28 Dec 2023

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Unknown member
Dec 30, 2023

I do like the idea of a State Legislator, our Rep, staying abreast of local issues. And I like that Ken is an unassailable fiscal conservative.


Unknown member
Dec 29, 2023

What is being missed here is that the process for selection isn't trusted.

The County is the same.

On Thursday a special meeting was held for the county fair ground board candidate interviews.

The process seems to have changed since board appointment haven't had special meetings in the past.

So where is the explanation?

Level playing field - that is what The People expect and Mr. Pendergraft is trying to ensure.

Mr. Mayor at this point extreme transparency is being requested.

County Commissioners what is up with the Special Meeting for board appointments all of the sudden?


Unknown member
Dec 29, 2023

The Mayor intends to do interviews with all candidates who applied for the position before he selects the person who he thinks will best serve in this position. Mr. Pendergraft (and others who also applied) will be notified following the holidays to schedule a sit-down interview with the Mayor.

Stu McRae

City Administrator


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