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Seriously, Is There a Cabal Of Wannabe Tyrants In Sheridan County? Two In One Week Spotted & Two Days To Go. *** Mr. Mayor, Please, Turn Away From The Dark Side. ***

Letter to the Republican Party

On 12/28/23 19:52, Ken Pendergraft wrote:


Just as a note of update.  On Dec 5, the city announced an opening on the Planning Commission, on Dec 11 I hand delivered an application to the city for the same.  Both the secretary and the City Administrator were there when I dropped this off.  You will recall that I forwarded a copy to you all at that time.  Since that time I have heard nothing at all from Mayor Bridger.  I did briefly walk up to him as he was heading into the courthouse about a week ago and told him that I was surprised that I hadn't received a call from him.  He replied that he had some reservations about me serving in the legislature and on a board at the same time.  I asked him if he knew how many boards Mark Kinner had served on.  He said he didn't know, I said, "a gob."  I also echoed our city administrator's sentiments that we should all have more open discourse, and that serving on a board would help keep me more abreast of local issues.  The mayor replied that, "That makes sense." 

However, there has been NO official communication whatsoever regarding my letter.   I view this as disrespectful and unacceptable.  Some response or acknowledgement should be expected as a common courtesy.   


I am currently considering several options for my next move.  


Just keeping you all informed.


Ken Pendergraft

28 Dec 2023

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